Morticia Underbust Corset L4086

Morticia Underbust Corset

Meet our enduring classic, the Morticia Underbust Corset, a consistent bestseller in our collection since its introduction in 2008. Crafted to evoke the iconic 1950s hourglass silhouette with a subtly conical rib shape, this underbust corset has stood the test of time.

Tailored for those with a natural hourglass figure and an ideal 10” difference between the natural waist and mid-hip, the Morticia Corset remains our most popular style. 

Constructed with precision, just like all of our corsets, it features a spring steel busk, spiral steel bones, and strategically placed flat bones on the lacing panels along with 2 piece eyelets and internal cotton waist tape. The outer layer of matt satin (100% polyester bonded to 100% cotton) and the 100% cotton lining provides a strong yet luxurious corset that can be worn for both daily waist training or special occasions..

An optional modesty panel is available as a separate purchase. Care for this timeless piece with specialist dry cleaning.

Crafted ethically in Thailand, this underbust corset seamlessly combines enduring style with responsible production practices. Elevate your wardrobe with the Morticia – the bestseller that has graced our collection since 2008, offering unparalleled elegance and comfort.


The rib and hip are measured approx 5" up and down from the waist.

Morticia Corset Waist Size Rib  Hip
18" 24" / 61cm 31" / 79cm
20" 26" / 66cm 33" / 84cm
22" 28" / 71cm 35" / 89cm
24" 30" / 76cm 37" / 94cm
26" 32" / 81cm 39" / 99 cm
28" 34" / 86cm 41" / 104cm
30" 36" / 91cm 43" / 109cm
32" 38" / 96cm 45" / 114cm
34" 40" / 101cm 47" / 119cm



It is important to check the length of your torso to ensure that the bottom of your corset doesn’t dig into your thighs or breasts when sitting.

Busk Length 11" / 28cm
Centre Back Length 14" / 35.5cm
Underbust to Hip (Princess) 9.75" / 25cm
Side Length from Underarm to Waist 5" / 12.5cm
Side Length from Waist to Bottom 5.75" / 14.5cm


Selecting the ideal corset isn't solely about your waist size. It involves your measurements, your muscle/fat ratio, and your familiarity with wearing corsets. To determine your perfect fit, refer to the measurements provided for all our corsets ⌛ by scrolling just below the images on this page. It's crucial to purchase based on your measurements, as a proper fit is paramount. Should you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to us; we're here to assist you every step of the way.

How to Measure Yourself for a Corset

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Fitting Room: Corset Sizing

How to measure for a corset

Our Corsets are sized by 'reduced waist size'. This means the size of the corset when fully closed. For example, a size 24" corset will measure 24" when fully closed. To determine your corset size you need to measure your waist firmly and deduct a number of inches.

Please note that your jean size is not your waist measurement! You need to measure the narrowest part of your torso which is a lot higher up. The amount of inches you take off will depend on a variety of factors, including the corset style and your build, but is generally between 3 and 5 inches (precise details are included for by corset style).


Please be aware that you need to check your measurements before ordering. For our Underbust Corsets we supply both the vertical lengths and circumference . Please compare your measurements to ours to determine which corset will be right for your figure type.

Finally, be aware that the top and bottom corset measurement we provide are for the corset being entirely closed at the back. It is pretty standard to aim for a gap of 2".

Corset Measurements

You can find the measurements for each corset in the product descrption. If you would like to compare all of our corsets at once, the button below takes you to a Google Doc Spreadsheet where you can see the measurements for all our corsets side by side. This is easier than looking at each corset style separately on our site. Hover over the little triangles for extra information.

Corset Q&As

Why the Cut of your corset Matters

Your measurements are far more important than the style of corset you like on our website. In this video I wear some of our corsets to show you that not every corset suit every figure and why you need to choose the corset that comes closest to your natural measurements for the best fit.

Do I Need a Bespoke (Custom Corset?)

Your measurements are far more important than the style of corset you like on our website. In this video I wear some of our corsets to show you that not every corset suit every figure and why you need to choose the corset that comes closest to your natural measurements for the best fit.

Standard Vs Extreme Corsets

I developed the first corset line for What Katie Did in 2004, and over the years, have refined our designs into a capsule collection that is designed to suit a wide range of different figure shapes, torso lengths and sizes.

Unique to What Katie Did is our range of standard and extreme underbust corsets. You can start with the standard version of one of our corsets then move on to the extreme version if you want to take your waist training further.

Your Squishability!

Our corsets come in reduced waist sizes 18" to 34" which roughly equals UK dress sizes 8-18, US dress sizes 4 to 14.

If you are a UK dress size 8 (US 4) you will have less body fat than if you are a UK dress size 18 (US 14), so it will be harder for you to immediately get a dramatic corseted shape. We recommend you stick with the sizing recommendations for each of our corsets, which can be seen by clicking the sizing tab at the top of each product description.

If you are a UK dress size 12-14 (US 8-10) you should be able to get a great corseted shape, without too much effort and without worrying too much about flub at the top and bottom of the corset. Again, you need to go by our sizing recommendations. The only thing that might cause you difficultly is if you are very athletic and have a high muscle to fat ratio. Then, like your more slender friends, you will find it harder to waist train as muscle is far less squishy than fat.

If you are a UK dress size 16 (US 12) or above, then you're in luck as fat is squishy and you'll be able to quickly tight lace yourself to create hourglass curves. You might want to go for a size smaller than stated as it's common for curvier girls to be able to reduce their waist by 6 or even 7 inches with one of our curvier corsets! However, please check the rib and hip measurements of our corsets before doing this as if they are too small for you, they will result in what can only be called, rather unglamorously, flub.  

Comparing Waist Cinchers & Corsets

Cinchers, waspies, corsets oh my!

If you're confused about the different waist shaping garments available we've put together a video not only explaining the differences, but showing each garment on model Miss Sugar Rush so you can really see the difference.

What is a Demi Corset (& Sizing)?

Find out about our Demi Waspie Corset and how the sizing works for both our Demi Waspie and Demi Corset.

Our Demi Waspies and Corsets are half way between a powermesh waist cincher/waspie and full non stretch corset.

The button below takes you to a Google Doc Spreadsheet where you can see the measurements for our Demi Corsets both unstretched and stretched.

Extras: Modesty Panels

A modesty panel is a piece of fabric that covers the gap between the your corset lacing and your back.

All of our corsets used to include a modesty panel, but as people tend to either love them or hate them we now sell them as an optional extra with our underbust corsets. They are still included with our overbust corsets which are more likely to be on show.

If you are wearing your corset with a corset liner, then you really don't need a modesty panel. However, if you do wear your corset over clothing you might like to wear one as it can look neater.

Our modesty panels can be laced in to your corset, or simply slotted in.

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Fabulous quality

Its great to have a company that you can call for advice! I was unsure which size would fit best and the person answering the phone was very helpful. Thank you


Morticia Underbust Corset L4086