Vintage Fishnet Tights

Vintage Fishnet Tights

Get a 1950s look without the ladders with our fishnet tights. Fishnets are fabulous as not only are they period correct but they’re far more durable than their sheer sisters. If you’re always snagging your seamed stockings then our fishnet tights are your new bff!

Fishnets first found their home on the Parisian stage in the late 19th century where they were a favourite of showgirls. They were also donned by ladies of the night which gives them a slightly naughty connotation that continues to today. Durability was important for both! It wasn’t until Marlene Dietrich wore them in the 1930s that they were seen as fashionable hosiery. By the 1950s they’d gone mainstream: just think Marilyn Monroe wearing them in ‘Bus Stop’.

Today fishnet tights still evoke both the glamour of vintage Paris and Hollywood. They’re durable glamour at its finest.

Fishnet Tights: Glamorous and Durable

Behind the allure of Vintage Fishnet Tights lurks professional practicality: showgirls of the 1940s and 1950s needed hosiery that was durable enough to wear on stage night after night. Fishnet tights look extremely glamorous and are the ideal hosiery to wear if you know you're going to be having too much fun to worry about snagging your nylons.