Fully Fashioned Stockings

Fully Fashioned Stockings

What is so alluring about Fully Fashioned Stockings. Is it the silky soft 15 denier nylon they’re made from?

Perhaps it’s the romance of the story behind them? There is no modern way to knit these famed stockings. A genuine FF stocking to be knitted flat on vintage Reading machines just as they were in the 1950s. These delicate nylons are then finished by hand, with a tiny overlocked stitch forming the seam that holds the stocking together.

Or maybe it’s the scarcity? With just a handful of factories around the world still in operation, demand often exceeds supply of these beautiful stockings. After more than 70 years in production, Fully Fashioned Stockings are still seen as the ultimate stocking by hosiery aficionados.

All About Fully Fashioned Stockings

For true stocking aficionados there is only one true stocking: the Fully Fashioned. Fully Fashioned Stockings have to be knitted on vintage Reading machines, of which only a few still exist in the world. With a top speed of 30 pairs per hour and the seams sewn by hand on a mini overlocker, making these nylons really is an artisan craft.

Our Fully Fashioned Nylons are made in England, from super soft 15 denier non stretch nylon. We recommend wearing gloves when putting on these beautiful nylons to keep them pristine for as long as possible: plus be sure to read our All About Stockings article at the bottom of this page for Care and Storage tips.

Fully Fashioned Stockings are made from non stretch nylon, which although has some 'give' does not 'stretch to fit' the way modern stockings which contain elastane do.

Sizing is critical when it comes to Fully Fashioned Stockings: in this video Katie compares the size and fit of our Fully Fashioned Stockings Compared with our Glamour Seamed Stockings

Fully Fashioned Stockings for Larger Thighs

Unfortunately the sizing of modern Fully Fashioned Stockings is very limited and with the current factories running at top speed making standard size Fully Fashioned Stockings is does not look like larger sizes will be made any time soon.

Our Fully Fashioned Stockings fit up to approx dress size UK 16 and although size 18 can squeeze in by sizing up one size it won't be the most comfortable fit.


Behind the (Fully Fashioned) Seams

All About Stockings

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