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all About Bullet Bras

What Katie Did tells you all about 1950s Bullet Bras and our Maitresse Bullet Bra in particular. If you love 1950s fashion, then you need a great bullet bra!

You'll find all the information you need on this page, from how to check your measurements, to how to ensure the fit is correct (hint: always adjust your shoulder straps!).

Bullet Bra Sizing

Bullet Bras: A-D Cup

Once you know how bra grading works sizing for Bullet Bras is very simple. In fact, if you're a cup size A-D and are happy with the fit of your current 'cut and sewn' bras then you should take your usual size.

If you always wear molded cup bras, push up bras, or add-a-cup-size bras it's best to check the fit of a non padded 'cut and sewn' (where pieces of fabric are sewn together to form the cup) bra. Molded bras in particular have the advantage of fitting quite a few cup sizes where as with authentic 1950s bullet bras, fit really is critical. The cups are non stretch and you really need to fill them properly to get a nice pointy shape.

Bullet Bras: DD+ Cup

Bullet Bra | Bullet Bra for Full Cup Sizes

If you are a Curve (DD+) size then you will generally need to go up a band size and down a cup size. This is due to a combination of the non stretch band and a lack of wire spring (due to no underwires).

Example: Model Miss Deadly Red wears a 28GG in standard underwired bras, but in our Maitresse Bullet Bra wears a 32FF. The FF cup size will be the same as for a 28GG as when you go up a band size you need to go down a cup size (so 28GG, 30G, 32FF). The band could have been a wee bit tighter, but the fit overall was very good.

Check the band size of your favourite fitting bra and compare it to our bullet bra: instructions in this video.

If you need to change your band size you will also need to change your cup size: this video tells you how to 'sister size'.

Does My Bullet Bra Fit?

Does My Bullet Bra Fit?

Our Top Bullet Bra Tips

1. Lean over and coax your breasts into the cups

2. Adjust shoulder straps: this can make a huge difference!

3. Adjust breasts again using a ‘swoop and scoop’ method to ensure that your breast is comfortably filling the cup.

4. For an extra pointy shape, or if you are between sizes, add a pair of bullet bra pads.

Bullet Bra Pictorial

Bullet Bra | 32D Black Satin Bullet Bra
Bullet Bra | Well fitting Bullet Bra
Bullet Bra | Band sizing for Bullet Bras
Bullet Bra | Fitting tips for Bullet Bras

Padded Bullet Bras

Our Padded Bullet Bra was originally designed for smaller cup sizes and gives a very dramatic pointed shape. Yes, Padded Bullet Bras were around in the 1950s and were extremely popular.

The thin layer of foam means that the bra keeps it's shape and this bra is a favourite of Drag Queens, Supermodels and Performers: Violet Chachki, Kate Moss and Rihanna have all been seen in this bra, as well as burlesque performer and singer Miss Polly Rae who originally requested us to produce this style!

Bullet Bra Pads

If your bullet bra fits correctly you shouldn't need to wear bullet bra pads with your bra, however they do give you a little boost especially when you're wearing your bullet bra under a tight sweater which can flatten you a little.

Bullet bra pads were known as falsies in the 1950s, with various different styles available including hand made silk ones with pearls mimicking nipples!

The Fit of Soft Cup Bras

In case you're wondering, the sizing for our Bullet Bras is in line with that of other traditional soft cup bras including the Triumph Doreen which has been in production since 1967 and according to Triumph is the world's best selling bra. If you are outside our size range it's certainly a bra we would recommend as it gives a nice retro shape, albeit less pointy than a bullet bra.

A note of the fit of soft cup bras: with larger cup sizes in particular they might not tack (sit right on the breast bone) to your centre chest. This doesn't mean the fit is incorrect on you: the important things to consider are whether you have a smooth line (no quad-boob), are comfortable, feel supported and like the look!

Are All Your Bullet Bras Cut To The Same Pattern?

All of our Bullet Bras use the same pattern as for our Maitresse and Harlow Bullet Bras.

Our Padded Bullet Bra is made using a different cup pattern, although the band will fit the same as our non-padded Bullet Bras.