Seamed Tights

Seamed Tights

Seamed Tights are the perfect way to get that glamorous 1950s look without having to fiddle with suspender or garter belts!

Our Seamed Tights are the secret of many Hollywood productions. Providing extras with stockings and suspender belts just gets too costly. Our Champagne with Latte seams are a favorite of costume departments. They have a slightly darker seam which really shows on screen.

Seamed Tights for that 1950s Look

When it comes to emulating the glamorous fashions of the 1940s and 1950s it's the little details that make all the difference. In these decades you would have worn hosiery, and it would have had a seam: it wasn't possible to make nylons without a seam!

If you're not a fan of stockings, don't despair as we make a capsule range of Seamed Tights which give you the same look, without the need for suspenders.

Our Seamed Tights are made from the same nylon elastane mix as our Glamour Seamed Stockings but are a little less generous in size.

We're going to let you in to a little secret here. When you see a period actor wearing stockings on the silver screen it's very likely that they are cheating and wearing seamed tights as opposed to seamed stockings! From Agent Peggy Carter to Downton Abbey, if the stocking tops aren't actually seen, our seamed tights are where it's at.

Most of this is down to simple economics. If you are dressing a lot of cast members then it's more affordable to dress them in seamed tights as you don't need to invest in a suspender belt: it just makes life a little easier. The same goes for vintage events such as the Goodwood Revival where we have a pop up shop. Nearly everyone dresses in period correct fashions which should include seamed stockings, but if you're only dressing up once a year and don't want to invest in a suspender belt then tights are more convenient. In fact, you have the Goodwood Revival to thank for us actually designing a range of tights. We were asked so many times for tights in the early years of us exhibiting in the end we got fed up with saying that 'tights aren't period correct' and went with the flow!

seamed stocking and 1950s lingerie shop at the goodwood revival

Unfortunately apart from at the Goodwood Revival we sell far fewer tights than seamed stockings which is why our collection of tights is smaller. If you do plan to wear stockings on a regular basis, can we tempt you to try stockings? They really are comfortable and easy to wear once you have a well fitting suspender belt and the seams are so much easier to keep straight than with tights!

What's the Difference Between Seamed Tights and Stockings?

Today the word 'stockings' is used to cover a multitude of hosiery items and sometimes people are confused that our stockings don't hold up by themselves or go up to the waist. In the video below I explain the terminology so wherever you shop, you'll end up with the item you really want, whether stockings, hold ups or tights!

1950s Seamed Hosiery