Frilly Petticoats

Discover the Enchanting Allure of Our 1950s Frilly Petticoats

Step into a world of vintage charm with our exquisite collection of 1950s frilly petticoats. As a leading purveyor of authentic retro lingerie, we take pride in offering petticoats that capture the essence of mid-century glamour while providing unparalleled comfort and style.

Elevate Your Ensemble with Custom-Dyed Elegance

What sets our 1950s petticoats apart is our commitment to creating a cohesive vintage look. We offer an ever-expanding range of colours, meticulously custom-dyed to perfectly match our lingerie and clothing range. No other brand goes to such lengths to ensure that your ensemble is flawlessly coordinated from top to bottom.

Authentic Vintage-Inspired Design

 Our petticoats are inspired by genuine vintage pieces from the 1950s era. While other brands often lean towards a more exaggerated, costume-like appearance, we strike a balance between playful frill and sophisticated elegance. The result is a petticoat that enhances your silhouette with an authentic retro flair, without veering into fancy dress territory.

Comfort and Quality in Every Swish

 Crafted from premium, soft nylon fabric, our petticoats are designed with your comfort in mind. The delicate material glides smoothly against your stockings, eliminating the risk of snags or pulls that can occur with inferior petticoats. Enjoy the freedom to twirl and swish to your heart's content, knowing that your petticoat will keep you comfortable all day long.

Versatility in Length and Size We understand that every vintage enthusiast has unique needs, which is why we offer our petticoats in two lengths: standard (26" or 66cm) and short (22" or 56cm). Whether you're pairing your petticoat with one of our dresses or mixing and matching with other brands, you'll find the perfect length to suit your style.

Our petticoats are available in two generous size ranges, S/M (UK 8-12, US 4-16) and M/L (UK 14-18, US 10-14). With a forgiving stretch, our petticoats accommodate a variety of body types, ensuring a flattering fit for all.

Embrace the Timeless Charm of the 1950s

Elevate your vintage wardrobe with our 1950s frilly petticoats and experience the magic of a bygone era. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or simply embracing everyday retro glamour, our petticoats are the perfect foundation for your look.

Discover the difference of a truly authentic, comfortable, and stylish 1950s petticoat. Shop our collection now and let your vintage charm shine through in every swish and twirl.