Bullet Bras

When it comes to recreating a 1950s silhouette a Bullet Bra is the the most essential piece. You'll find that the darts in your vintage dresses are placed to accommodate a bullet bra and under clothing they give you a sharp retro shape. If you're new to bullet bras please read our 'All About Bullet Bras' page before ordering to ensure you select the right size as the band on bullet bras is non stretch.

Bullet Bra sizing

Short version: the band on our bullet bras just has a tiny amount of elastic at the back so there is minimal stretch. The band size does not equal your underbust measurement.

In the past you would have added 5 inches to your underbust measurement to determine your band size but as we now wear our bands tighter, we recommend adding 3 inches. This is in line with the sizing for our other bras and if you wear an A-D cup is probably the same size you're wearing now. 

If you are larger than a D cup and wear a 'true sized' brand where your underbust equals your band size you will please take a look at the Band Sizing and Sister Sizing video on our Lingerie Sizing page as you will have to sister size.

Putting on your Bullet Bra

When you put on a modern bra, you simply put it on and it looks great. With bullet bras things are slightly different.

1. Bend over a little and coax your breasts into the cups

2. Adjust the shoulder straps: this makes a huge, huge difference

Find our more on our All About Bullet Bras page.

Wearing a Bullet Bra Under Clothing

Wearing a Bullet Bra gives a defined 1950s style silhouette under your clothing.

Bullet Bras are famous as they were worn by 'Sweater Girls' and used to accentuate the bust in the 1950s. This was the time before breast augmentations and it was the easiest way to get a bigger looking bust as the circumference measurement is bigger when measured around a bullet bra as opposed to a none conical bra.

Although bullet bras were worn under tight sweaters, a more easy to wear look is when they're worn under a blouse or dress. Our Edith wrap top is pictured here with a bullet bra underneath and you can clearly see the defined silhouette.