Seamed Stocking Sizing Tips

Seamed Stocking Sizing Tips

How Does Seamed Stocking Sizing Work?

Are you used to wearing modern stockings and tights and unsure how the sizing for sheer Seamed Nylons and Fully Fashioned Stockings works? Don't worry, we're here to help!

If you're new to retro style hosiery, or hosiery of any kind, then the terminology can be confusing - but help is at hand!

Check out our guide to hosiery and all will be revealed.

Fully Fashioned Stockings

Fully fashioned stockings are made today from 100% nylon. Although officially 'non stretch', they do have a little give to them which makes the sizing, particularly the welts, more forgiving than true vintage. But sizing with modern Fully Fashioned Stockings is far more critical than with modern hosiery containing lycra or elastane.

Our Fully Fashioned Stockings are designed to fit UK dress sizes 12-16. If you are at the very bottom of the height chart for your size and very, very slender you and want a vintage mid thigh length then you might want to size down. In addition, if you are at the top of the height chart for your and a size 18 then we recommend going up a size. We do not recommend buying Fully Fashioned Stockings if you are over a UK size 18 as there is not enough horizontal stretch to wear them comfortably.

Fully fashioned stockings worn with a vintage 1950s dress
fully fashioned stockings with a full contrast black foot, seam and welt
full contrast fully fashioned stockings

Above Lady Eccentrik wears our Full Contrast Fully Fashioned Stockings in Copper and Black with a vintage dress, hat and handbag.

Fully Fashioned Stockings: Pros and Cons

Fully Fashioned Stocking Pros

  • Silky smooth feel
  • Genuine nylons as worn in the 1940s and 1950s
  • Really are the essential finishing touch for a true vintage 1940s or 1950s outfit.

Fully Fashioned Stocking Cons

  • Extremely delicate
  • Sizing is critical
  • Very expensive

Curve Fully Fashioned Stockings

Why does nobody make Fully Fashioned Stockings to suit a curvier figure?

Find out by watching this short video.

If you're new to retro style hosiery, or hosiery of any kind, then the terminology can be confusing - but help is at hand!

Check out our guide to hosiery and all will be revealed.

Glamour Seamed Stockings

seamed stockings with a black foot, seam and welt
black seamed stockings
1950s seamed stockings and vintage lingerie

Above Nikki Redcliffe wears our Glamour Seamed Stockings in Nutmeg/Black with our Glamour Nouveau Merry Widow, long black gloves and Petticoat from Top Vintage. The hat, jewellery and shoes are her own.

Our Glamour Seamed Stockings are made from a modern blend of nylon and elastane (the generic name for non brand lycra) which means they have lots of stretch to them and they are very comfortable to wear.

If you are used to 'sizing up' with your hosiery to ensure it fits comfortably this is not something you need to do with our Glamour Seamed Stockings as they are already sized generously. The welt stretches to 28-29" and comfortably fits up to a UK dress size 18.

The Curve variant of our stockings fits up to a 36" thigh and UK dress size 26.

Glamour Seamed Stockings: Pros and Cons

Glamour Seamed Stocking Pros

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Wide colour choice
  • Affordable
  • More durable than modern Fully Fashioned Stockings

Glamour Seamed Stockings Cons

  • Not 100% period correct

Shop Seamed Stockings

Find out more about our hosiery, including our rht stockings and tights on our All About Stockings page.

Your Favourite Stockings

Which stockings do you prefer: fully fashioned or Glamour seams? Please comment below.


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