Padded Bullet Bra L6035

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* Lightly padded ensuring the points stay perky with authentic spiral stitching
* Soft cup, albeit less 'soft' than our regular bullet bras due to padding
* Non-stretch band, but with an elastic panel at the front for a snug fit
* Adjustable straps, a 2 row, 3 column hook and eye fastening
* Made from satin 100% polyester


We introduced our Padded Bullet Bra several years ago thinking it would be ideal for smaller busts. We know smaller busts look spectacular in our bullet bras, and there's less of a risk of having someone's eye out; though we realise full cups can leave smaller bosoms looking and feeling deflated. And that just wouldn't do!

However, some larger busted babes have complained about being left out, so we've now increased our public liability insurance and have put a full size range into production!

Starting at an A-cup, this padded version of our signature bra features the same circle stitching, but the light padding ensures the points stay perky without the need for any extra help.

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