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* Dramatic overbust corset with a plunge neckline and defined waist
* Perfect as stunning evening wear, teamed with a long skirt and shrug
* Modesty panel included
* Please deduct 3-4" from your waist to determine your corset size
* Combination of 10 spiral steel bones and 3 flat bones

Dramatic overbust steel boned corset combining a deep plunge neckline and hourglass curves. Laurie is an overbust style with real va-va-voom and is a good choice for most shapes and sizes. We don't recommend overbust corsets for waist training: underbust corsets generally result in a more dramatic silhouette and allow more movement of the body.

The sizes below are reduced waist sizes (ie, the corset size when it is closed). You will need to deduct 3-4 inches from your waist to determine your corset size. Please see our Sizing Notes for more information.

If you are looking to waist train, we recommend training in an underbust corset.

These corsets are designed to work hard and reduce your waist by up to 3-4 inches. Please deduct 3 to 4 inches from your normal waist measurement to work out your corset size: a natural waist of 28 inches will give a corset size of 24 inches, whilst a natural waist size of 29 inches will give a corset size of 26 inches.

Designed to suit most body shapes.

* length along busk 12.5"
* length from top of cup to bottom of corset 15.25"
* from under arm to waist 6.5"
* from waist to bottom 6.25"

Measurements 5" below waist. Designed to be worn with a gap at the back of 2-3" so please add 2-3" to the hip measurements below depending on the gap you desire.

Overbust 18"   hip-27"/68.5cm  
Overbust 20"   hip-29"/74cm
Overbust 22"   hip-31"/79cm
Overbust 24"   hip-33"/84cm
Overbust 26"   hip-35"/89cm
Overbust 28"   hip-37"/94cm
Overbust 30"   hip-39"/99cm
Overbust 32"   hip-41"/104cm
Overbust 34"   hip-43"/109cm


Bust Sizing:
Our corsets come in one bust size to fit:

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