Wearing A Corset

Putting on Your corset

The first time you put on a corset it most likely will be a struggle and you'll find it hard to believe that I put on and take off my corset in less than a couple of minutes every day: but it it true!

The first couple of time you put on your corset the corset and laces will feel stiff, but after a little time they'll glide through the eyelets with ease and putting on your corset really speeds up.


do you need to 'season' your corset?

Pffff. The first I heard of 'seasoning' a corset was in the around 2015 during the last huge surge in corest popularity. Buyers were told they had to lace their corset loosely for the first few weeks in case the damaged it. Of course, if you lace a corset loosely you can't tell if it fits you well or not, and by the time a few weeks have past then it's too late to return. You can probably tell I'm not a huge fan!

What Not To Do in your Corset

Once you've purchased a corset you can really do what you like with it, but if you want it to last as long as possible then here are my top tips.

Be aware that I don't follow all of them, life does get in the way, and I'm lucky to have my own corset company! If you are watching your pennies then how you look after your corset really makes a big difference in how long it lasts.

Do you need to wear a corset liner?

The short answer is yes. A corset liner is a fabric layer between you and your corset and although many people recommend speciality corset liners made from natural fibres I've been wearing the same synthetic seam-free camisole tops from Primark for a decade!

Corset liners prevent your corset from sweat and body oils and prevent any damage to your skin when you lace your corset up.

how to keep your corset clean

Corset liners, fresh air and just a hint of vodka are the answer!

HOw to hide the laces of your corset

Your measurements are far more important than the style of corset you like on our website. In this video I wear some of our corsets to show you that not every corset suit every figure and why you need to choose the corset that comes closest to your natural measurements for the best fit.

what bra should you wear with your corset?

Although officially soft cup bras are said to be more comfortable than underwired this is really down to personl prefererence and what style you find most suitable for you.

what to wear with your corset

Do you need a whole new wardrobe when you start wearing a corset? No, you'll actually find your existing wardrobe works perfectly well.


what's inside your corset?

Take a peek inside one of our corsets to find out how it's constructed.