Embrace Gothic Glamour: Goth Girl Summer

Vamp up your style with What Katie Did As the allure of "Goth Girl Summer" takes hold, What Katie Did invites you to embrace the captivating world of Gothic Glamour. While our brand is renowned for its focus on 1940s and 1950s fashion, we also celebrate the enchanting aesthetics of various subcultures, including the fetish and goth scenes. In this blog post, we showcase how to effortlessly incorporate dark, dramatic, and utterly glamorous elements into your wardrobe.


Kate Longline Bra and layered Frilly Petticoats in Black and Red


Flora Beach Pyjamas and Polka Dot Gloves.


1950s black Circle Skirt worn with Kate Longline Bra


Black Beach Pyjamas worn with vintage 1920s piano shawl.


Black Beach Pyjamas worn with vintage 1920s piano shawl.

Timeless Elegance with a Gothic Twist

Our black cotton 1930s-style wide-leg beach pyjamas and black cotton circle skirt serve as the perfect foundation for a Gothic-inspired look. Pair the skirt with our black satin longline Kate bra as a top for a daring and sophisticated ensemble. For added drama, layer our 1950s frilly petticoat in both black and red, creating a striking contrast that demands attention.

Enhance your outfits with carefully curated accessories that exude vintage charm. An antique black silk parasol with long fringing and a 1920s silk piano shawl in black with red floral embroidery add an air of mystery and opulence to your look. Complete the ensemble with luxurious 1940s-style black suede high heel sandals by Charlotte Olympia and a bold oversized gold heart necklace by Reikolyn, an independent Los Angeles-based designer.

At What Katie Did, we take pride in supporting fellow small businesses and showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of independent designers.


Kate Longline Bra and Panty Girdle worn with Fully Fashioned Stockings.


Luna Waspie Corser worn with Maitresse Lingerie and Polka Dot Tights.


Red seamed tights worn with Maitresse Lingerie.


Black Cuban Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings worn with Kate lingerie.


Black Maitresse Girdlette and Red seamed stockings worn with customized gloves.

polka-dot-tights (1).jpg__PID:dfaa7bcb-63c4-4e4a-a66c-6fd3feab0b9e

Polka Dot Seamed Tights

Lingerie: Seductive Noir with a Pop of Red

Our black satin lingerie and waist-cinching corsets take on a fresh, alluring look when paired with red seamed stockings, bow-adorned gloves, and retro hats. Elevate your black satin gloves by adding red bows – a simple yet effective way to update your accessories and embrace one of the biggest fashion stories of 2024.

Petershams, our go-to millinery company, offers a wealth of hat bases and authentic vintage millinery flowers, allowing you to create unique, customizable looks. Finish your ensemble with stunning jewelry pieces from Splendette, a charming indie brand from the UK, and Classic Hardware, a Los Angeles-based indie brand.

The Muse: Grace Jaques as Morticia Addams Reincarnated Our model, Grace Jaques, bears an uncanny resemblance to Carolyn Jones, the iconic actress who portrayed Morticia Addams. With her striking features and enigmatic presence, Grace perfectly embodies the essence of Gothic Glamour, making her the ideal muse for this captivating look book.


Frilly Petticoat: worn with Shoes by Charlotte Olympia and necklace by Reikolyn (Instagram)

Black Beach Pyjamas: worn with antique Parasol from Age UK Charity Shop.

Black Beach Pyjamas: worn with a 1920s antique Piano Shawl form a selection at Hemswell Antiques Centre, Lincolnshire.

Luna Corset: worn with bangles by Splendette.

Maitresse Lingerie: worn with hat by Petershams and lace shoes from Oxfam shops.

Maitresse Lingerie: worn with red bow necklace by Classic Hardware.


Embrace the enchantment of Gothic Glamour with What Katie Did's carefully curated collection. By combining timeless pieces with bold accessories and a touch of DIY creativity, you can effortlessly infuse your wardrobe with a dark, dramatic, and utterly glamorous aesthetic. Explore our latest offerings and let What Katie Did be your guide to unleashing your inner Goth Girl this summer.