vintage black lingerie made in the UK

1950s Inspired Lingerie Made in the UK


Just before Christmas our UK lingerie factory moved to new premises. While the journey was short, they’d been in their old building for over 20 years so the actual act of moving was monumental! They’ve now settled in and I visited them in their new home last month. They’re currently busy sampling some new designs for us; we’re hoping to greatly expand the amount of lingerie we make in the UK this year; but the first couple of months of 2024 has been spent rebuilding the stock levels of the existing pieces they make for us. 

Our Liz lingerie is one of our most popular ranges and it’s made in Nottingham with fabric made from recycled yarn and high quality suspender clips from Germany. We’ve just reshot it for you on the beautiful Didi Derriere who lives up to her name in these pics!

She’s wearing our LIz bra and Suspender Knickers with our black Glamour Seamed Stockings which are also made from recycled yarn, and packaged in truly biodegradable packaging.


During the move, some of the machinists worked from home on modern machinery which was purchased for them during lockdown. It made my day to see all the vintage machines that had been set up in the new factory to use until they install the modern ones. Look closely to see the Singer Sewing Machine branded chair.


vintage lingerie factory working in the UK in 2024


1950s lingerie made in the UK

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