Do Corsets Work? Corset Stories

why the media sensationalizes corsets

Why does the media insist on sensationalizing corsets? Quite simply it's to entertain readers and viewers. The truth isn't quite as entertaining: woman walks to work in her corset and lives her life isn't going to make any headlines!


do corsets damage your body?

I'm sure if you wore an uncomfortable corset for a long time it would damage your body, in the same way as if you wore an uncomfortable pair of shoes, or had an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and a multitude of other things we do every day that we do for vanity and/or pleasure. In reality, if a corset is uncomfortable most people would just take it off, preventing any damage!


what happens when you stop wearing a corset?

The short answer is: not much!

Media has really pushed "waist training" garments onto the market as a quick fix over the past few years. There are no shaping garments on the market that have a lasting effect to shaping your waist, as I mentioned in my 'Do Waist Trainers Work?' blog. Corsets are marvelous for giving you a sharp silhouette look when wearing one, but you cannot expect much else from any shaping piece.

are you tempted to buy a cheap corset?

There are a variety of corset brands today that offer well fitting corsets to suit a variety of budgets. However, you should be wary of super cheap corsets sold on Amazon, Ebay, Wish, AliExpress and the like. Often pictures are stolen from genuine corsetieres and what you receive is very different to what was promised.

If you are tempted, here's what you can expect...