What Katie Did lingerie interview Sadie of The Vintage News

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We couldn’t resist interviewing the gorgeous Sadie from The Vintage News. We’ve met Sadie quite a few times with her old fashioned news crew and this time we wanted the inside scoop!

Hi Sadie, we know you so well from The Vintage News. How would you describe the VN to someone who had never heard of you guys?

Well, we are essentially a news team that focuses on the best of the vintage scene.  We attend events that have a vintage spin, whether it is a weekender, a fair, gig, fashion show or nightclub and film, photograph and write about them.  We also do reviews of music, books, products and shows so we can be a one stop shop for knowing what is going on in the vintage world.

What Katie Did lingerie interviews the glamorous Sadie of The Vintage News  

What tips can you give to newcomers to the Vintage scene?

Find a style you like and just try things out, you can create pretty authentic looks with completely modern stuff and bits you can find in charity shops.  Your style will develop and don't expect to be period-perfect right at the beginning or feel you have to pay lots to only wear original outfits. 

What’s your favourite Vintage event?

Oh, we've been to so many over the last few years but the ones that always stick out are the Chap events; the Chap Ball in December and the Chap Olympiad in July each year.  

Who’s your favourite person that you’ve interviewed?

I loved interviewing Bernie Dexter at this year's Rockabilly Rave - where I was also lucky enough to catch up with your very own Katie.  Interviewing Michael 'Atters' Attree at the Savile Row protest (protesting the new Abercrombie + Fitch shop, not Savile Row) was fairly interesting as he kept offering to whip me mid-interview with his riding crop!

Sadie of the Vintage News interviews Fleur de Guerre and Jeni Yesterday at the Chap Olympiad.

How would you describe your style?

Ooh, that's a hard one.  Sometimes I'll take style inspiration from Teddy Girls of the '50s, an elegant '30s starlet or sometimes it'll be Fred Astaire!  I can't really think of a good way to describe my style!

 Do you like to stick to one particular era or do you mix and match?

I generally lurk somewhere in the '40s or '50s but occasionally go '30s, '60s or even '20s. It just really depends on how I feel that day.  For my job, we attend events based on many different eras (some as far back as the 1880s) and I have to have suitable clothes for all of them- my wardrobe has expanded greatly since I started working for the VN! 

Sadie meets Bernie Dexter and Katie of What Katie Did at The Rockabilly Rave

What got you into vintage?

Like many people, I got into vintage through dancing.  I started off with jive when I was 17, then did nothing for a year or two but when I picked up Lindy Hop, I decided dressing up just for dances wasn't enough.  First came the little quiff, then the black flicks and red lippy, and now vintage is my whole life!

If you could choose to live in the modern day or the past, what would you choose?

I would definitely choose to live in the present.  I feel very lucky to be able to cherry pick my favourite elements from anytime in the past without having to experience the hardships and inequalities women a few generations ago had to face. 

What’s your favourite What Katie Did piece? 

If you'd asked me a couple of months ago, I would have said the Glamour Corsolette, but since they were released, I absolutely adore the Cone Bras.  I couldn't wait to buy the black version when I saw one at the A/W '12 launch we filmed - then had to go back and get a peach one too!

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