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Sorry, this product has now been discontinued.

Image of L3005 Glamour Girdle

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L3005 Glamour Girdle


Price: 20.00





* Strong controlling power to trim your tummy, hips and derriere
* Satin panels with double layer powermesh panels
* Pull on style giving an smooth silhouette
* 6 metal clip suspenders keeping your nylons in place
* Made from satin 100% polyester, powermesh 88% polyamide 12% spandex

Final reduction! Sale, was £41.00

Pull on vintage style girdle with 6 metal suspender clips.

The reason women in the past all looked so good, was because they always, always had a helping hand in the figure department! Just as it was a staple in most womens' wardrobes in the 1940s and 50s, a little waist length girdle is a key piece in any vintage vixen's arsenal.

Our Glamour girdle's retro style is faithful to its vintage forbears, with strong controlling power to trim your tummy, hips and derriere; but modern powermesh to contain your curves more comfortably.

It's ideal for giving a smooth line under tight pencil skirts, and is specially designed not to roll, so you can wear it all day without a worry!

Don't be tempted to order a smaller size: this can result in an unsightly muffin top!

What Katie Did uses traditional sizing which is smaller than modern size charts. Our sizes are cut to fit:

Dress Size 10 - 25"/62.5cm waist, 35"/87.5cm hip
Dress Size 12 - 27"/67.5cm waist, 37"/92.5cm hip
Dress Size 14 - 29"/72.5cm waist, 39"/97.5cm hip
Dress Size 16 - 31"/77.5cm waist, 41"/102.5cm hip
Dress Size 18 - 33"/82.5cm waist, 43"/107.5cm hip

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  • I bought the Glamour Girdle right before the release of the newer version.
    I wear a size 10.
    Originally I planned to by the Maitresse Girdelette, however when I went into the boutique they didn't have my size. The only size 10 girdle that they had at the time (I feel that maybe they were waiting for a delivery as they were doing stock at the time so It wasn't anything id complain about, the previous time that id been in, they had an amazing range of sizes in all of their stuff).
    So I went to try it on and WOW. It was a little tight to get into, but as it also shapes it was understandable. It fits perfectly snug. It was nice and well fitting round the waist, not too tight and the thick waistband doesn't cut into the skin at all, the bottom is elasticated too which means it doesn't ride up, so i don't have to worry about adjusting it during the day. The material is lovely and soft against the skin, it gives an amazing smooth line and dosent show under tight skirts either! The suspender straps aren't adjustable but its not a problem. I've found that I can now wear some of the modern stockings that I have that didn't stretch high enough up my thigh as the suspender straps are a little lower because of the type of garment this is and as usual the suspender straps are amazing quality.

    In terms of what it does for your figure, it really smooths everything out. I sometimes wear this with my corset to give a smooth line, and I regularly wear it to work under my tight pencil skirt. Its comfortable and doesn't restrict your movement at all. Because the elastic ends right under the bum, it find that it helps shape that too to make it look a little less flat haha!

    Its really worth the money and I deffinately need to buy a few more since i wear it so much! I can't wait to get my hands on a newer version, as I'm sure its even better than this already amazing product!


  • I wore my black glamour girdle yesterday for 8 hours at work, and it was extremely comfortable! I have a 26 inch waist and 38 inch hip, and I found the size US8 fits perfectly. I was tempted to order a 6 but it would probably be too small. I did have to wiggle to get in it (so glamorous!) and when I got it in position I found the bottom was a little more snug than the top which was a little roomy, but not gapping off my skin. My only suggestion is making this girdle or any future girdle with removable and adjustable garter straps. Because I am only 5ft, the bottom of the garters hit just a little higher than my knee, and I can't wear stockings with my girdle because they won't be held up high enough. I will try to squeeze a garter belt under it, and I am definitely planning on wearing it almost daily to work under my dresses :)


  • A bit of a workout to pull on, but definitely worth the effort. I find this does flatten my tum a bit, as well as being really effective in squeezing my behind into shape.

    It's a tiny bit more roomy in the waist area than would be ideal for my pear-ish hourglass shape, but I'd rather take that over a muffin top any day.


  • This one is as amazing in peach as good as the black one supprisingly!!


  • I wanted vintage lingerie but it had to be comfortable to wear and look good, and it is both.pity they sent the wrong colour!!. Never mind I will buy that one next.

    Hi there,
    I'm sorry to hear the wrong colour was sent! Oh no! I've sent you an email to resolve this situation.
    Hannah - What Katie Did


  • I wanted vintage lingerie for a while and was choosing between girdling suspender belt and girdles the right choice! It is comfortable, lightly shapes and though iI am slim, it accentuates my curves. On a daily basis I wear skirts and dresses so it is a perfect undergarment! Buying another one soon.
    P.S. My boyfriend loves it ;)


  • Just as name suggests a glamour girdle


  • I LOVE this girdle. Gives great shape under tight skirts, and it's comfortable. I don't know how I've lived without it. May have to buy another one soon


  • I couldn't live without this in my wardrobe, it is definitely my staple piece of underwear. Easy to slip on, creates a lovely smooth line and has never failed me. In fact, I might have to buy another in peach because I wear it so often!


  • This is an amazing girdle. Easy to pull on and off, good fit with smooth lines under clothing, and the suspender straps are nice and sturdy. I couldn't do without it!


  • Why did someone bother to invent stay-ups? They never stay up anyway. No, go for a girdle instead, it's sexier, it keeps you warm when it's chilly outside and it makes your stockings stay in place!


  • My favourite girdle - gives me a lovely smooth shape under a tight pencil skirt! I wear mine with your bullet bra for extra wow factor! Thank you x


  • Iam a TGIRL & i have got a glamour girdle , nude stocking with a red seam, and nude stockings with a black seam,
    and it helps feel like the woman i shoud be


  • I have this in the peach and it really is the most beautiful colour. Perfect for smoothing out any lumps and bumps under pencil skirts and wiggle dresses.


  • Before I bought this, I wondered if it would help flatten my tummy. Well, it won't. It'll do wonders to your hips and bum though, so I wear it quite often when wearing the right kind of skirts.


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