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1950s monowire bras are one of Katie's favourite styles. Alas it's not possible for us to make a vintage style monowire at the moment but they have inspired our new X bra which is arriving later this month. In this week's article Katie shows you some of her favourite pieces.

On Film

Axfords Corsets News

Axfords Corsets is closing 17.04. Katie tells you her favourites so you can pick up a bargain in their sale.

Powermesh Demi Corset

Yay! Our powermesh Demi Corset is returning very soon - new and improved!

Our New X Bra

Our new X Bra is arriving mid April - here's the story behind it's development.


Why are our Fully Fashioned Stockings so hard to keep in stock? Although we order months in advance vintage machinery often causes delays. We explain all in this week's magazine article.

stocking storage | how to store your stockings

Katie shows you her collection of adorable vintage stocking wallets that were used to safely store nylons at home and while travelling to prevent damage.

This week we're giving you a glimpse behind the seams and going into detail about where we manufacture and why.

What's the difference between stockings, hold ups and tights, and which are right for you? Plus lots of stocking styling inspiration on how to wear!

Black & Red: Dramatic Vintage Style

Black and red, a vintage colour combination for easy style. We've teamed lingerie in lace and satin with scarlet accents for the perfect Spring inspiration

Bombshell Beauty

Spring is coming, and who better to take inspiration from than the queen of vintage bombshell style, Marilyn Monroe herself?

Full Contrast FF Stockings

Full contrast and fancy heel types were made in the 1950s as a quick search of vintage stocking adverts on Pinterest will testify. Here we take a look at the story behind our Full Contrast Fully Fashioned Stockings.

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

This latest exhibition at London's Victorial and Albert museum is based on the Dior: Couturier du Reve exhibition held in Paris last year, updated with 60 new pieces and tailored to focus on Dior’s love affair with all things English.

Katie's Thoughts on Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Marilyn Monroe's Sling Bra

Find out how a Sling Bra belonging to Marilyn Monroe inspired What Katie Did's latest collection.

When Marilyn's Sling/Fling Bra was in the press we were asked if we were going to do our own version (her's went for $5,200 btw) and we finally have. It might have taken slightly longer than you expected though!

The inspiration behind our new Sling Bra

Waist Cinchers vs Corsets

We're frequently asked what the difference between Waist Cinchers and Corsets is, and which one is better.

Waist Cinchers: Our Waist Cinchers (and Waspies) are made from stretch powermesh and feature an internal elastic waist tape to accentuate your waist. As both fabrics are stretchy they move with you, stretching to fit.

Corsets: Corsets are made from non stretch fabric and the laces at the back are used to tighten to the desired shape.

This means that they give a far more dramatic shape than Waist Cinchers and Waspies but the downside is is that they do not move with your body. 


Katie tells you her Corset Story

1940s Lingerie

We're often asked if we're going to make bras inspired by the 1920s and 1930s. The answer is generally no, because bras were in their infancy then and the support offered was minimal. If you were a standard B cup then all would be well, but fitting an F cup would be out of the question.

Bras became more supportive in the 1940s: they had to be as women were doing more manual work due to WWII. The fit and structure advanced greatly during this decade.

Katie discusses 1940s Lingerie

Inspired By Louise Dahl Wolfe

Last year London's Fashion and Textile Museum hosted an exhibition on the photographic work of mid-century fashion photographer Louise Dahl Wolfe.

Louise was ahead of her time, and the first photographer to shoot models and celebrities away from the contraints and strong lighting of professional studios. Instead she often took them outside, taking more natural shots. Having said that, a lot of the pictures would still have been meticulously set up to look as if the model just happened to there: just like the Instagram stars of today.

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