Beautiful Shapewear lingerie for your beautiful figure!

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Good afternoon all, got that Friday feeling yet?

As I’ve mentioned briefly in the past few blogs, shapewear is a bit of a minefield. You want something to give you a pulled in silhouette, to be comfortable and then the big problem comes….aesthetics! You think you’ve just about nailed your dream figure, then you look in the long badly lit mirror of the 10th department store you’ve dragged you’re self into on your precious day off and want to smash it. ‘I look like a beige sausage!’ you whisper to the mirror, maybe even shed a tear or two. You feel unsexy when you’ve been hunting for the shapewear to make you feel confident and glamorous. You can increase this pressure twice if the underwear is for a date and increase it by about 100 if it’s for your wedding day.

We’ve all been there and everyone gets insecure sometimes. At What Katie Did, we believe it doesn’t have to be this way. Lingerie shouldn’t make you feel bad about your body, it should give you that extra piece of confidence you need regardless who will see it. Shapewear should make you feel like you’re making the most of that fabulous (if you don’t mind me saying) figure of yours no matter what dress size you are.

Our Glamour shapewear is made from strong and durable power mesh which is as effective as it is beautiful. The collection is practical and versatile in Black and Peach.  

Glamour corselette 

Our Glamour Corselette is wonderful for those that want maximum support. The Corselette is sized by bra size. The corselette shapes your bust as well as your stomach, derriere and the tops of your thighs. The appearance of the Corselette is also a wonderfully seducing piece alone.

What Katie Did Merry Widow

Bra straps a problem? Want to bring in your waist but leave your ample behind? Try our Merry widow with detachable bra straps. Just like midcentury shapewear, the merry widow gives you an hour glass shape perfect for wiggle dresses. This is a wonderful piece for strapless wedding dresses.

1950s girdle What Katie Did

For those who needn’t worry about their busts and want to concentrate on their middle; a glamour girdle is for you. Designed to really work on your mid section whilst looking period perfect, the glamour girdle pulls you in perfectly. The girdle is also a wonderful piece for everyday comfort.

Vintage panty girdle

Want bare legs? The Glamour Zip Underbust Panty Girdle has detachable suspender clips and pulls in your middle wonderfully. The piece is very long and brilliant for all you glamourzons.

This is a mere taster of the shapewear we do and you can find girdles throughout our collections.  Step away from the mirror, it’s time to bin the beige (the tissues too!) and say hello to beautiful shapewear. 

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