How to Wear a Cone Bra

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In our recent customer survey, one request from you was for more 'how to wear' features. Our first article featured Jessabelle Thunder in our Bullet Bra and now she's back showing how our Cone Bra looks under clothing.

Our Bullet Bra is almost identical to the ones made in the 1950s, which is great if you want your breasts to be the star of the show and you can get a perfect fit. I've yet to come across someone I haven't been able to fit in a Bullet Bra, but they can take a little work. You really have to bend over and maneuver your breasts right into the points, not forgetting to tighten the straps. As with all our bras, we use the traditional +4 method to work out your band size (underbust measurement +4") and as our Bullet Bra bands are virtually non stretch the size really does need to be right (check out our Sizing Pages for more info).

Our Cone Bra was developed to be an easier version to fit, so if you don't get on with our Bullet Bras, this is the one to try. The Cone Bra appeared on the scene in the late 1950s, but could also be used for a 1940s look as bras of that era weren't quite as pointy as the early 1950s Bullet Bra. It still gives you a conical retro shape, but isn't half as pointy as our Bullet Bra. The band is made from powermesh which gives slightly more margin for error - some people have said that the band is slightly large in comparison with our other bras, but only by a half size.

1950s black satin conical Cone Bra

Jessabelle Thunder in our black satin Cone Bra. Jessabelle wears the same size in our Cone Bra as she did in our Bullet Bra.

How to wear a 1950s Cone Bra

Jessabelle Thunder wears our Cone Bra under a vintage inspired blouse by Heyday Online. As you can see, there is a nice retro silhouette.

Our Cone Bra is available in black and peach satin (to co-ordinate with all our other black and peach pieces) in sizes 32B to 38F.