Masterclass: All About Our New Maitresse Bullet Bra

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This week at What Katie Did it's all about the Bullet Bra: our Maitresse Bullet Bra in particular which had undergone a complete pattern regrading resulting in an improved fit for everyone from an A cup to a FF.

Bullet Bra | Maitresse Bullet Bra

In the 1950s bras were available in B, C and D cups. If you were bigger than a D then the only way you could get a larger cup size would be to purchase a bra with a larger back size. Luckily in the 1950s most women were keen seamstresses so would have been able to adjust their bras at home to get an acceptable fit.

Bullet Bra | Black Bullet Bra
In 2003 we introduced our black satin Maitresse Bullet Bra. Before then we had made a Bullet Bra in cotton in sizes 34B-38D, totally 1950s in styling, totally 1950s in sizing! It quickly became apparent that more sizes were needed so over the years we've added more using traditional 1950s grading methods.

Bullet Bra | Satin Bullet Bra
1950s grading methods work fine for smaller, size B-D cup sizes, but they were never designed for cup sizes larger than that. Over the last decade the bra industry has changed considerably with the arrival of several brands that specialise in larger cup sizes. There has been split in the industry with most companies either specializing in smaller 'core' sizes or larger cup sizes. The modern grading methods used for bras change every 4 cup sizes, so an expert in core (A-D) cup sizes might have issues grading bigger (G-HH) sizes. No wonder they tried to keep things simple in the 1950s!

Bullet Bra | Circle Stitch Bullet Bra

This Summer we decided to take our bullet bras back to the drawing board, painstakingly grading over 40 cup sizes individually by hand, using modern grading specifications. The result is a bullet bra that fits our best selling 34C cup as well as a 32FF (which Miss Deadly Red wears here.

Bullet Bra | 1950s Bullet BraOur Maitresse Bullet Bras have been split into two different size groups: Nouveau (cup sizes A to D) and Curve (cup sizes DD to FF) with models of the respective sizes modelling.

The big question is will we be going any larger? We're very much afraid the answer is probably a no in the case of our Bullet Bra. The design does have a lot of limitations which means it just isn't suitable to go much larger.

Our original Maitresse Bullet Bras are still available for a limited time. If you have watched our developments over the last 15 years and would like a piece to remind you of how it all started then this is your last chance to snap one up!


Miss Deadly Red wears (top to bottom):

Maitresse Curve Bullet Bra

Maitresse Nouveau Knickers

Maitresse Nouveau Suspender Belt

Maitresse Nouveau Little Knickers

Maitresse Nouveau Narrow Suspender Belt

Retro Seamed Stockings


Jewellery by Splendette.

Photography by Richard Thomas at What Katie Did.