Cuban Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings H2034

Cuban Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings are the ultimate stocking of choice by nylon aficionados.

What are Cuban Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings? The heel type refers to the way the heel is finished at the top of your ankle. In the case of Cuban Heel stockings this means that it takes the form of a long rectangle shape that is squared off at the top.

These glamorous seamed stockings are made on the same vintage Reading knitting machines that have been hard at work since the 1950s. 

Please note that these stockings are both delicate and size critical. Our fully fashioned stockings are made to fit the average dress size UK 12 to 16, US 8-12 person, (40-44 European). The maximum thigh size that they will comfortably fit is 25" (63.5cm).

Unfortunately with only a handful of machines still running in the world, all going at top speed already, there simply isn't the capacity at the moment to develop a size for a larger leg which isn't very satisfactory but is beyond our control.

If you are very slender, and at the bottom height of 'your' size then you can size down.

Our fully fashioned point heel stockings are made from sheer 15 denier non stretch nylon although the nylon does have a little mechanical stretch.

Our Cuban Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings are made in Derbyshire in the UK.

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Stocking Sizing

Glamour Seamed Stockings

Our Glamour Seamed Stockings made from nylon with elastane which means they do stretch making them easy to fit. Our standard range come in two sizes which cover dress sizes UK 10-18 (US 6-14), 5ft to 5ft 11.

Fully Fashioned and RHT Stockings

Fully Fashioned and RHT stockings are made from none stretch nylon (although they do have a little mechanical stretch which means although the yarn is officially none stretch, there is some 'give'). This makes selecting the size far more critical than with modern hosiery which contains elastane or lycra for stretch.

They're stockings are made to fit the average dress sized 12 to 16 woman (8-12 US, 40-44 European). If you are smaller than this please try the size below, if larger please go up one size. Please do not be tempted to go up more than one size as these stockings are non stretch nylon and this will lead to wrinkly ankles!

Why are our FF stocking sizes so limited? Find out on our 'All About Stockings' page.

All About Stockings

Are you new to sheer stockings? If so bookmark the link below which tells you everything you need to know, from how to put them on, to laundering.

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A gift for all

I gave these as a gift to a very fastidious Aritoc Tango wearer, she loved them.