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Corset Extreme Morticia Nouveau L4093

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* Curvier version of our Morticia Nouveau corset to suit you if you are an experienced corset wearer, or naturally super curvy
* Please deduct 4-5 inches (10-12.5 cm) from your waist to determine your Morticia Nouveau corset size
* Matt satin backed with cotton, cotton twill lining and internal waist tape
* Modesty panel sold separately
* Spring steel busk front opening and a combination of 16 spiral and 3 flat steel bones
* Specialist dry clean

Our Extreme Morticia Nouveau corset is cut to the same pattern as our standard version, but with an additional 2" taken from just the waist. This means that a size 26" (for example) will actually be cut to the same pattern as the standard 28", but has a 26" waist. Ideal for if your waist has out-shrunk the standard version, or if you are already naturally very curvy.

These corsets are designed to work hard and reduce your waist by up to 5 inches (12.5 cm). Please deduct 4 to 5 inches (10-12.5 cm) from your normal waist measurement to work out your corset size: a natural waist of 29 inches will give a corset size of 24 inches, whilst a natural waist size of 30 inches will give a corset size of 26 inches.

* length along front busk 11"
* centre back length 14"
* underbust to hip (princess seam) 9.75"
* side length from underarm to waist 5"
* side length from waist to bottom 5.75"

To fit full rib and full hip . Measurements when completely closed. We recommend leaving a gap of 3, working down to 2, inches at the back of your corset. The 2-3 inches will have to be added to the rib and hip measurements below depending on the size of the gap you require.

Morticia 18", ribcage-26", hip-33"
Morticia 20", ribcage-28", hip-35"
Morticia 22", ribcage-30", hip-37"
Morticia 24", ribcage-33", hip-39"
Morticia 26", ribcage-34", hip-41"
Morticia 28", ribcage-36", hip-43"
Morticia 30", ribcage-38", hip-45"
Morticia 32", ribcage-41", hip-47"

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