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We've teamed up with the gloriously eccentric Chap Magazine to give you the chance to win a pair of tickets to this peculiarly British event on Saturday 14th July, at Bedford Square Gardens in central London. Not heard of The Chap Olympiad before? We'll let them explain in their own words. . . 
"On Saturday 14th July, The Chap Olympiad welcomes 1500 eccentric chaps and dapper debutantes for a completely unique day of sartorial elegance and sporting mayhem."
 "The purpose of the Chap Olympiad is for chaps and Chapettes to try and beat each other at games such as Umbrella Jousting, Tea Pursuit, Ironing Board Surfing and Riding Crop Rumpus, but sporting prowess is not something these dissolute dandies value very highly."
"The sport? Oh yes, they get around to that eventually, but not before consuming gallons of gin and tonic, cocktails and flagons of ale. By the time the competitors assemble for the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic Pipe in the Opening Ceremony, many of them would be disqualified if entering a proper sporting competition. But at the Chap Olympiad, being slightly sozzled can actually improve one’s performance in events such as Tie Knotting, Butler Baiting and Not Playing Tennis." 
"And before you picture a field full of Brexit-supporting old colonials, think again. The age range at every year’s Chap Olympiad starts at about 18 and occasionally tips into the octogenarian, with all points in between fully represented."
"And as for gender, the balance of male and female is equal, with the frequent addition of transgender, nonbinary and those who may be trying out a new sexual identity for the day, knowing they will be both fully accepted and hardly noticed among such sartorial exuberance."
 Run by The Chap Magazine, The Chap Olympiad is a yearly get-together - a chance to dress up in your finest and meet the chaps and chapesses of London in their natural habitat. "More a gathering of lost souls who generally stand out from the crowd and get stared at in the street by the locals – though not by first-time tourists, some of whom probably came to London fully expecting to see men in top hats and ladies carrying Edwardian parasols everywhere."
Email wiggy@whatkatiedid.com 
with the subject title CHAP OLYMPIAD and your name. 

Entrants must be over 18 and able to attend the event on Saturday 14th July. Winner will be drawn at random on Monday 9th July and notified by email. No cash alternatives.

Alternately you can purchase tickets directly from the Chap Olympiad site

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