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Waist Cinchers vs Corsets

waist cincher and corset comparison


Waist Cinchers vs Corsets: Felicity Furore shot on the same day, in the same lingerie, in our Glamour Nouveau Waist Cincher and Extreme Morticia Nouveau so you can see the difference.

We're frequently asked what the difference between Waist Cinchers and Corsets is, and which one is better.

Waist Cinchers: Our Waist Cinchers (and Waspies) are made from stretch powermesh and feature an internal elastic waist tape to accentuate your waist. As both fabrics are stretchy they move with you, stretching to fit your shape and offer all day comfort. You should be able to put on a Waist Cincher or Waspie and wear it all day with no discomfort, while seeing a visible difference to your waist line. The reduction you see will only be an inch or two, but as your torso is also


Vintage Style Waist Cincher

gently shaped the smooth line will give the illusion of a bigger reduction.

Both our Waist Cinchers and Waspies feature a hook and eye fastening to the front and the internal boning is all spiral steel.

Our Glamour Waist Cincher is designed to sit right under the band of your bra which eliminates any back fat, and finishes mid hip. The 6 suspenders are detachable.

Our Waspies are shorter in length making them ideal if you just want to focus on your waist, or have a shorter torso.


Waist Cinchers and Waspies are cut small to allow for shaping so you need to order your usual dress size (but do check our sizing charts).

Corsets: Corsets are made from non stretch fabric and the laces at the back are used to tighten to the desired shape.

This means that they give a far more dramatic shape than Waist Cinchers and Waspies but the downside is is that they do not move with your body. If you were to eat a big meal you would be uncomfortable which is why we always advise you to ensure your outerwear has a little ease so you can loosen the laces a little if required.

Given time, a corset will be just as comfortable as a powermesh Waist Cincher or Waspie - but they do take

getting used to.

If you want to wear a corset for the first time for a big event you will need to wear your corset a few times before the event. This is to ensure that not only are you comfortable, but so that the corset molds to your figure.

While corsets don't stretch at all, they mold a teeny bit to your figure and soften a little resulting in a smoother line. The molding probably won't be noticable to anyone else, but you will certainly be aware of it.


Corset sizing is by reduced waist size: the size of the corset is the size you want your waist to be, so you do need to deduct 3-4 inches (generally) to determine your Corset Size.

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