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Our new corset designs were released last year and we've loved hearing all your reviews. We've also has a lot of questions about the best way to get used to wearing a corset for daily wear, so we've teamed up with our wonderful Brand Ambassador Curve Creation (aka Missi) to tell you more! 

Corset Training | Curve Creation Waspie Corset Luna Waist Tighlacing

Above: Missi wears Glamour Nouveau Bra, Luna Extreme Corset, Maitresse Nouveau Deep Suspender, Fully Fashioned Full Contrast Seamed Stockings

"Its pretty well known I’m a corset lover and I have been for a very long time. As a kid I grew up in my early teens in a rural town that had a bridal corsettory situated in it and I have fond memories of volunteering to ride to the store for bread and milk just so I could stand at the windows of this store, my nose pressed against the shop glass to oogle at the corsets there! The love affair started young. I found them to be incredibly sensual, visually delightful and very feminine, and when I tried my first corset the sensation of a corsets ‘hug’ just further cemented my obsession with them. I found them to not just be comfortable, but empowering to wear. Like a secret piece of armour that made me feel bullet proof."

Corset Training | Curve Creation Waspie Corset Luna Waist Tighlacing

"I invested in some Australian brand corsets through my early 20s before getting my first proper steel boned corset from What Katie Did in 2013 when I was 23. I wore my Morticia to literal death before favouring their now discontinued Vamp style for the past few years as I found it fit my shorter torso better than the longer Morticia."

Corset Training | Curve Creation Waspie Corset Luna Waist Tighlacing

Above: Missi wears our old Vamp Corset and Maitresse Nouveau Bullet Bra

As a short-torsoed and relatively petite pear shape, Missi is wearing our Luna Extreme Corset from our new range. Although Missi does have the waist-to-hip difference for our curvier Morticia Extreme Corset, she decided she preferred this shorter style for everyday wear. Cut above the hips and below the ribs, the Luna and Luna Extreme Corsets are very comfortable for someone with an active lifestyle.

"My new Luna Extreme arrived in perfect time, just as I was able to lace again post op (I had minor surgery last August). I held it up and my partners first comment was “OMG it's shrunk!” as its considerably shorter than my Vamp Corset was and even more so than my Morticia. Another feature I love about the new designs is that the modesty panels aren’t built in but a removal piece. Which is a feature I’m really loving as for everyday wear I don’t really bother with one as no one is going to see it."

Corset Training | Curve Creation Waspie Corset Luna Waist Tighlacing

If you're planning to wear your corset daily, or almost-daily, breaking in your corset slowly is important. You body will take a little while to get used to the pressure of a corset, so going slow helps ensure the corset fits your body better, which prevents sore patches. Contrary to popular belief, corsets don't need to be 'broken in' to prevent damage to the corset - they are very sturdily made! But they do mould to the shape of your body over time, and it's more comfortable to do this slowly. Ensuring they are well moulded to your body also keeps the pressure on the corset even so they last longer! 

"My preferred method of breaking in is to start with the corset loosely laced and increase the time frame its worn and the firmness its worn over a period of 2-4 weeks, though I find this time frame varies from corset to corset. I settled on this method after around 18 months of reading and research after getting my first steel boned corset in 2013. When I break in my corsets I generally wear them over tanks, tees or cotton maxi dresses and the shorter periods of breaking in are done primarily around the house while I work on my business stock or watch movies with my partner."

Corset Training | Curve Creation Waspie Corset Luna Waist Tighlacing

"One thing I’ve observed too that’s worth noting is that my body does get a bit achy after wearing in the first few weeks of a new corset. I do believe this is due to the fact the corset is still very new/stiff, not broken in and hasn’t softened to my body yet. As it breaks in I find these aches reduce before vanishing pretty much altogether. For reference I’m wearing a 30 inch Luna Extreme with my current waist measurement of 34-35 inch waist. For a full day’s wear I do normally wear a cotton liner underneath it, or in warmer weather I powder my skin to help with sweating."

Corset Training | Curve Creation Waspie Corset Luna Waist Tighlacing

Please Note: All corsets and people are different. Some people get used to a new corset much quicker than others, some take much longer. The below is an account of Missi's personal journey, and if you are looking to wear a corset daily yourself it's important to do your own research! 

Week 1
"Worn untied and only very loosely laced for 2 hours in the evening working up to around 3 hours by the end of the week. I slowly tightened the lacing a little each day til I could tie it loosely. I’m already loving the shape of the luna, even unbroken in! Its much more suited to my shorter torso and as such I’m finding it to be much more comfortable."

Corset Training | Curve Creation Waspie Corset Luna Waist Tighlacing

Week 2
"Week Two was a comfortable week. Restarting from last week’s 4 hour end, I took that as the minimum start time for this week and increased on it slowly throughout the week but going a bit slower this week, ending on 5 hours of wear. As before I was increasing the lacing slowly, day by day. I’m already noticing its beginning to sit better under the ribs and smoother across the hips. A little achy this week too but I find for me this is just my body adjusting and its something I go through every Autumn after I take a break from wearing a corset during the Australian summer."

Corset Training | Curve Creation Waspie Corset Luna Waist Tighlacing

Week 3
"Week 3 has been smashing! I got up to a full 6.5 hour days wear, 5 days this week. Its still coming in at the top and bulges a little under clothing but its really starting to come in. The waist tuck is already amazing. I cannot wait to see how it looks once its finally all broken in. I’m almost ready to wear it for a full day to and from work."

Corset Training | Curve Creation Waspie Corset Luna Waist Tighlacing

Week 4
"My final week of my ‘breaking in’ period is here and I’m so thrilled with my Luna Extreme Corset! The top has finally closed in underneath my bust and its sitting well across my hips. I can wear it all day (8-9 hours) without any discomfort and its now laced to a comfortable length with a 2-3 inch gap in the back, depending on the day and how I’m feeling. It also gives me a wonderful pear shape and amazing waist reduction, as shown in below's side-by-side photo."

Corset Training | Curve Creation Waspie Corset Luna Waist Tighlacing

"I’ve been wearing my Luna Extreme corset for a number of months now and absolutely loving it still. It's such a fabulously comfortable corset that works so well with my bottom heavy shape. I also love that it gives me more movement than the longer styles do on my shorter frame as well as still offering back support. As a long wearer of What Katie Did corsets, the Luna Extreme not only fulfilled my expectations but surpassed them as a fabulous style for a pear shaped girl. Those who follow my social media will have seen how often I wear my Luna, to help me with the perfect hourglass shape!"

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