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If you've picked up a copy of our Spring/Summer 2018 magazine, you might recognise a famous face on the cover! 

What Katie Did | Suzie Kennedy Marilyn Monroe

This issue, we're focusing on the icons of the Golden Age of Hollywood, so who better to star on our front cover than the utterly gorgeous Suzie Kennedy, the world's number one Marilyn Monroe look-a-like! 

For this magazine, we wanted something a little more impressive to grace our pages. Back in 2016, some of you may remember there was a very special sale of many of Marilyn's costumes and possessions, the auction lots of which toured the world before the event came to a close in Los Angeles. 

What Katie Did | Suzie Kennedy Marilyn Monroe

While the auction lots were on display in London, we were lucky enough to have an exclusive peek at some of the beautiful pieces up for grabs, with Suzie on hand to tell us all the behind-the-scenes details of the garments! One piece in particular really caught our eye; this corseted bodysuit which Marilyn wore to dress up as Lillian Russell in 1958 to be photographed by Richard Avedon.

What Katie Did | Suzie Kennedy Marilyn Monroe

Gorgeous, but incredibly fragile, this piece was fitted exactly to Marilyn's figure. Although myths abound about Marilyn Monroe's real dress size, Suzie (who's worn many of her original dresses) informed us that she was actually pretty tiny at many points in her life. This bodysuit is shown on a standard size dress form and as you can see the zip doesn't even do up! 

What Katie Did | Suzie Kennedy Marilyn Monroe

When it came to recreating a look of Marilyn's for the magazine, this corseted bodysuit was the stand-out favourite. We enlisted the help of Shazam Vintage Hairflowers, who provided us a box of both beautiful vintage deadstock and their own gorgeous reproduction flowers. Designer Teri Louise then painstakingly stitched and glued flowers and drapes over our Glamour Nouveau Bra, and Morticia Corset to create this beautiful costume.  

What Katie Did | Suzie Kennedy Marilyn Monroe

We finished the look off with our Harlow Knickers and Suspenders and Champagne RHT Stockings. Fit for Marilyn herself don't you think!

If you haven't already got a copy of our Spring/Summer Magazine, order yours below! 


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