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Bombshell Beauty

Suzie Kennedy as Marilyn Monroe

Spring is coming, and who better to take inspiration from than the queen of vintage bombshell style, Marilyn Monroe herself? Our stunning model Suzie Kennedy is a world-renowned Marilyn Monroe lookalike and expert, who’s not only played Monroe in on-screen and stage adaptations of Marilyn’s like, but has also modelled Monroe’s own original clothing and jewellery for important auctions and events.

They key to Monroe’s bombshell figure was her tiny waist, V shaped torso and voluptuous bum. Although Monroe famously didn’t like wearing any underwear if she could help it, she did have a few sneaky tricks up her sleeve in the underpinnings department (and you can scroll back on our blog to read our article on her nude-illusion Sling Bra – designed to provide support while making her look like she was wearing nothing at all!)

However, there are certainly some outfits Monroe needed a little help with. Iconic silhouettes for dresses such as the fuchsia ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’ number from Some Like It Hot relied on internal bustiers to create the wasp-waisted, V shaped torso, and the “hip shelf” that was essential to the hourglass silhouette. Our Glamour Nouveau Merry Widow and Lulu Merry Widow work in the same way as these foundations; nipping in the waist, supporting the bust and cinching the body.

vintage lingerie loungewear satin

Away from the dramatic gowns, it was Monroe’s bust that took centre stage. Embracing the curves of the post-war woman, bullet bras maximised the chest circumference and made the most of Monroe’s assets. We’ve styled Suzie in our Maitresse and Harlow Bullet Bras here, in black and peach for vintage glamour. Of course, Monroe would have loved something luxurious to lounge in, so we couldn’t resist including our 1930s Lounging Robes in black and peach to complete the outfits.

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Model: Suzie Kennedy
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