' What Katie Did: How To. . . Do A Striptease!

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Christmas is a time for joy after all, so why not shimmy off your Christmas pudding by attempting a little showgirl-inspired striptease that flaunts your assets and makes you feel fabulous! If you've ever wanted to try a little burlesque, here is our beginner's guide to a proper stocking strip, with showgirl Didi Derriere:

Step One: Set the scene. Dress yourself up in your favourite WKD lingerie, not forgetting stockings and suspenders. If you want an audience, now's the time to sit your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/life partner/housemate/best friend/cat down for the show. If you're going solo, a mirror is a good idea so you can see how it's all going (and how wonderful you look!)

Step Two: Put on your favourite song and shimmy into position. We recommend something not too fast, but with a good beat to start with while you get the hang of things (Seasonal recommendations from the WKD team are 'Baby It's Cold Outside,' 'Santa Baby' and 'All I Want For Christmas', although once you're up and running it is possible to strip to anything up to and including the Peaky Blinders theme tune should you wish). Raise one leg onto your chair and slowly start to unclip your suspender clips. 

Step Three: One you've popped off all your suspender clips, roll your stocking slowly down your leg, keeping your toe pointed to accentuate your ankle. Try and get it down in one smooth movement, but take your time. (Top tip: Standing on your toes with the other leg helps keep your bum looking perky and you feeling fine! Remember, it's all about making YOU feel super sexy and body-confident.) Wriggle your stocking down around your foot (lifting it cleanly over your heel so you don't get caught - staggering around tangled up in your hosiery is NOT the look you're going for!) and slowly pull back so the stocking unravels in your hand. Pinning the toe of your stocking between your foot and the chair means it doesn't ping off at the wrong moment. Take a moment to remind yourself what fantastic legs you have.  

Step Four: And now the other leg! Changing position to do your second leg is a good moment to get a few steps of dance in. Kick your now-bare leg up off the chair like a cancan girl and bring it back to the floor. Twirling around the back of the chair looks elegant and puts you in the right place for your next leg. If you're going for classical burlesque beauty, try a quick shimmy and a giggle at this point - you can even dance over to your adoring audience and give them a cheeky kiss (or drop a few steps of moonwalk into your routine, whatever you fancy!) 

Step Five: Roll your second nylon down your leg, just the same as the first (treat your beautiful seamed stockings gently - they are your favourite WKDs after all!) keeping your toe pointed and your bum high. Your beautiful satin suspender belt should still be on at this point. Now is a good time to drop hints to your audience (if you have one) about how good your WKD Lingerie looks, and how they should DEFINITELY buy you some more. . . 

Step Six: One for the athletic! If you're a bendy being, see if you can pull off a wonderful stocking-pull-arabesque like Didi! If you not quite so flexible, repeat step three to pull off your second stocking. Ping it at your adoring audience with a wink, and spend a moment dancing about in your glorious WKD scanties wondering why you don't do this more often. 

Step Seven: A little hard to photograph this one! Standing straight on to your audience, put one foot in front of the other (very flattering on the figure) and reach behind your to under your suspender belt. Shimmy it off slowly and drop it on the floor with a flourish.

Step Eight: And now for the big finish! Twirl around slowly to show off your beautiful WKD Lingerie to best effect, dropping in a few of your signature dance moves. When you're ready for the grand finale, turn your back to your audience, unclip your bra behind you and then turn to face them again. . . 

Step Nine: . . . And DROP! Taa daa! Just in time to see New Year's Eve in in fine showgirl style!

And there you are - you've finished your first ever What Katie Did Burlesque Session!

Huge thanks to Classic Hardware for the jewellery and the utterly amazing Beau Rocks Costumier for the fans and pasties, and of course Didi our wonderful model!

Have a Very Happy New Year from What Katie Did! 


Model: Didi Derriere

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