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Formal eveningwear is the one look that really benefits from shapewear, whether you are a fan of vintage fashion or not. It really makes all the difference! We talk to Australian blogger Curve Creation on how she creates her spectacular evening look:

"This party look is inspired by the decadence of past screen sirens. As my figure leans more towards a pear shape, I am lucky enough to have a proportionally much smaller waist, which makes a super-curvy bombshell look very achievable. However fear not if you have a different figure – I’m here to prove with the right foundations everyone can feel like Marilyn Monroe, and pull off those slinky dresses you always wanted to, whatever your size or shape!

To create an hourglass shape I use a layered approach, something I save for occasions where I want to add a little bit of extra sass to my outfit and figure. While I do naturally have a smaller waist to hip ratio (around 12-14 inches) I do like to make this difference more dramatic when I want to look extra fabulous. I start with plain black corset, over the top of which I’m wearing the Glamour Nouveau Corselette in Black. While Corselettes are usually worn without a corset for cinching and shaping, for this outfit I used it to take the work the corset does and helps bring it up to the next level. The cups clip separately from the bodice, which I find gives brilliant bust support, and the front eye hook closure allows for a sleek finish with no lumps and bumps. By wearing the Corselette over corset, the lines of the corset are smoothed (especially useful under tight-fitting dresses), as well as offering shaping to my hips and giving my bust a lift with the built in bra. The six straps on the Corselette allow for comfortable hold on my stockings, which means I don’t have to spend the night adjusting them (because no-one needs that distraction when they’re looking this fabulous!) I’ve also found the Corselette to be a highly versatile piece for day-to-day life as well, as it’s perfect for under not just wiggle styles, but swing and a-line dresses and skirts too.

To complete this glamorous look, I’ve chosen a pair of Fully Fashioned Empire Heel Stockings. The intricate designs on the heels of Empire Heel Stockings were inspired by the Empire State Building in New York, and back in the day ladies would save their Empires (also known as Manhattans) for very special occasions only, as they were considered so fancy! Fully Fashioned Stockings are incredibly soft and sleek, and I find a little bit of luxury the perfect finish to an outfit like this; even if they’re only just seen, you can’t be wearing any old stockings under a dress as gorgeous as this!

As a lover of slinky dresses that accentuate my hips and waist, it was great fun finding the perfect dress to complete this look. While there are many incredible designers around who make beautiful floor-length dresses, Pinup Girl Clothing’s iconic Gilda Gown will always be a firm favourite. After a little indecision, I decided to go with the Purple Velvet Gilda Gown and, of course, couldn’t resist the matching cape. This stunning gown is ideal for any event where serious glamour is required (although that definitely won’t stop me wearing it anywhere I can!) The fit, with its own built-in bengaline shaper, makes it perfect for ladies of all shapes and it’s available in a huge variety of sizes. It’s also perfect for achieving instant elegance – it’s figure-hugging yet forgiving, with wide shoulder straps (making bra-wearing easy, even for the better endowed of us) and a mini fan train which adds to the silver screen starlet feeling. (For ladies who aren’t a huge fan of the floor length Gilda, it also comes in a knee length version, ideal for cocktail parties)

I chose to keep the accessories simple to compliment the silver clasp on the cape. A simple vintage silver diamanté bracelet and matching dress earrings were chosen to help pull the look together, and Miss L Fire’s 1940s Lila Heels in Black Velvet (purchased from Royal Vintage Shoes) gave me a little leg-lengthening lift to complete the look. For an extra level of evening glamour, a pair of What Katie Did’s elbow length satin gloves would look absolutely amazing.

And so as you can see, with the right foundations anyone can be a silver screen starlet!

Other Pieces:
Dress: Gilda Gown by Pinup Girl Clothing
Cape: Gilda Cape by Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes: Miss L Fire Lila Heels (stocked at Royal Vintage Shoes)
Jewellery: Vintage

About CurveCreation

Missi says: I am not the only woman who faces the challenge of having a body not considered “perfect” by media standards. My blog, CurveCreation, is dedicated to embracing Body Positivity, and showing every woman that they are beautiful. With this collaboration with What Katie Did, I wanted to create a series of guides showing how to use foundation garments (my particular speciality) to help women feel more confident about their bodies, and embracing the clothes they never thought they could wear. The brands I have worked with on this project all have a range of high quality products which I hope will enable any woman to look and more importantly feel their best.

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