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When we updated the design of our Seamed Stockings back in 2016 to our wider-welt Glamour design, the first pair of nylons we released were a vibrant green! 
Vintage Stockings | Green Seamed Nude Stockings
You loved this design so much that we've been releasing more and more colours ever since, and now make our Glamour Seams in almost every colour you can think of! 
Vintage Stockings | Green Seamed Nude Stockings
We often get asked if women in the 1950s would have worn green seamed stockings. While we haven't yet seen a pair of contrast green seams with our own eyes, contrary to popular belief there were some pretty unusual stocking designs about in the 1950s! We've seen baby blue and rusty cranberry vintage nylons in our time, and there are a few really fabulous pairs of embroidered and detailed vintage stockings in existence. Most notable are the pairs by Willy De Mond, known as 'The Stockings of the Stars,' who created beautifully intricate pairs of hosiery often decorated with his signature clocks, rhinestones, pearls and even a pair called 'The Hideaway' which had a little zipped ouch in the welt for your lipstick! 
Vintage Stockings | Green Seamed Nude Stockings
On our search for a pair of true vintage contrast coloured seams we asked some of our customers if they had ever seen any, and had some wonderful stories back! 
"A few girls in Cambridge MA, USA had green, navy, and pink seams! My mum's best friend worked in a factory that made stockings in adult and child sizes. For a joke they used thread intended to set heels and toes on little girl's socks to finish ladies stockings. It was enjoyed by some high school girls, but my mum's friend was sacked! After that they both worked for Fenton Shoe factory which appreciated playful designs." (From a WKD customer)
We were also sent a message from Phoebe Nyx who said:
"Cyd Charisse wore green-seamed full stockings in 1952's An American in Paris. You've got to look carefully, but check the welt as she dances! When I bought my green seams, I couldn't help but remember this scene!"
Watch the clip below and see if you can spot them! 
One thing we do know however, is that coloured Fully Fashioned Stockings existed. Katie found this green silk pair in a charity shop in Pangbourne, where our UK Headquarters are based, aren't they beautiful? 
Vintage Stockings | Green Seamed Nude Stockings
These stockings are by Bear Brand, who used to be a big manufacturers in the USA - you can still just about read their mark on the welt. 
Vintage Stockings | Green Seamed Nude Stockings
Watch Katie's guide to these stockings below!
Vintage Stockings | Green Seamed Nude Stockings
Katie is holding the original vintage green stocking here, and next to her on the mannequin legs are our Glamour Seamed versions! On the left is our Nutmeg/Green version, and on the right is our Champagne/Green design. 
Vintage Stockings | Green Seamed Tan Stockings
We developed our Nutmeg skintone stockings when we realised that our Champagne colour was too dark for many skintones. A natural tan colour, Nutmeg suits skin from olive to mid-brown. 
Vintage Stockings | Green Seamed Nude Stockings
Our Champagne stockings are a good match for paler skintones. Both styles of our Glamour Seamed Stockings are made with flatteringly wider welts, eye catching seams and a reinforced foot and toe. 
Vintage Stockings | Green Seamed Nude Tights Pantyhose
And they're also available as tights for those who prefer their hosiery all-in-one!
Dress: Vintage
Shoes: B.A.I.T
Earrings: Classic Hardware


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    these stockings are gorgeous!

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