seamed stockings | coffee seamed stockings

While I really love our coffee seamed stockings I don't wear very much brown, so don't tend to wear them very often. When one of my favourite jewellery designers, Splendette, brought out a new brown range a couple of months ago I fell in love with it, so decided to start combining brown with black. I love the way the two colours work together.

Seamed Stockings | Brown Seamed Stockings

Brown seamed stockings are perfect for daytime wear if you like the 1940s and 1950s look. Daytime stockings of that era tended to be thicker with 30 denier 'service weight' being the norm, and the stocking being very visible on the leg. As the average American woman only purchased 6 pairs of nylons in the early 1950s (I dread to think what UK women had!) stockings had to last, which meant a thicker denier was far more practical and economical.

Vintage Fashion | 1950s Style

 Should you get a run in your stocking in the 1940s or 1950s you'd either repair it with a little stocking mending sewing kit - several were available during this time - or you'd actually take them to be repaired by a seamstress who specialised in just darning stockings!

Seamed Stockings | Contrast Brown Seamed Stockings

For a more contemporary look, we've just introduced our champagne glamour seams with a contrasting coffee foot, seam and welt. I admit these were a mistake, the expected shipment of champagne/latte nylons were made incorrectly by the Italian factory who got their shades rather confused! But they actually turned out to be a rather nice surprise.

Seamed Stockings | Contrast Seamed Stockings

Should these surprise champagne and coffee seams sell well then we will continue to make them, so please let us know if you do like them.


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Model: Katie 
By What Katie Did:
By Other Designers:
Skirt - Vivien of Holloway
Bangles - Splendette (also available in our London Boutique)
Earrings - Classic Hardware
Necklace - charity shop
Hair Flower - Shazam
Handbag - vintage
Jumper - Tesco (old season)
Shoes - Clarks (old season)


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