What Katie Did returns to Fontaines

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This month is all about Fontaine's, the beautiful art deco cocktail bar in Hackney, London. Not only has Miss Victory Violet been shooting there (see the beautiful images is this blog post) but photographer Tigz Rice and model Sam Elson have also been shooting at the rather iconic venue. More info about why we love Fontaines/Tigz/Sam at the bottom of this feature... but first of course we need to let you know about the lingerie!

Vintage lingerie in black lace and lilac georgette

Above: Sam wears our Betty Lingerie with Vamp Corset, Long Sheer Gloves and Glamour Seamed Stockings in Grey and Black. 


Vintage lingerie with grey seamed stockings

Above: Sam wears our Betty Lingerie with Vamp Corset, Long Sheer Gloves and Glamour Seamed Stockings in Grey and Black. Note, Sam's been wearing this Vamp Corset daily for a year now and it is showing signs of wear!

Steel boned corset for waist training

Laurie Overbust Corset in black satin, with Glamour Seamed Stockings in Grey and Black.

Overbust Corset in black satin

Laurie Overbust Corset in black satin, with Betty Lingerie and Glamour Seamed Stockings in Grey and Black.


The three women behind this shoot are a huge inspiration to us. From the outside it's easy to look at someone and think that they've got it made and that they have peachy lives, but we are all fighting different battles. When you do actually watch someone break through it's pretty amazing.

Tigz Rice is one of the most reknowned pin up photographers in the UK. After leaving university in the middle of an economic downturn she decided to create her own job by based on photography. There was no plan B. To begin with Tigz's main focus was on the English burlesque scene where she could be found at virtually every London club shooting away. This lead to working on studio shoots with burlesque artistes, followed by working with bigger brands.  Tigz started with nothing other than her talent and work ethic and now has an extremely successful career.

Sam Elson is a model we've worked with on several occassions and who is very open on discussing her mental health issues which in turn helps others. While advances continue to be made in physically illnesses it's becoming more apparent that mental illness really is the silent epidemic of our time and we need people like Sam who are brave enough to speak up. In case you were wondering, Sam has a natural hourglass figure which makes it easy for her to create dramatic shapes when wearing a corset. She does wear corsets a lot and finds they help with anxiety - many people do actually wear corsets to help with anxiety as wearing one feels like a comforting hug (find out more in Lucy's book 'SoLaced' - now she's another inspirational woman!)

Ruby Fontaine was originally a burlesque artiste living in London who told everyone she met, for years, that she was going to open an art deco bar. Then she actually did it! 3 years on from when we first interviewed her (for Issue 3 of our magazine) Fontaine's is going from strength to strength. Although this is supposed to be an all female feature special mention must go to Graham (who you might remember from working in our London boutique) who hosts 'Lobotomy' - monthly film and club nights featuring the best 1960s sleaze which must surely be of interest to WKD fans?!