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Classic Lingerie

Luxury Classic Vintage Inspired Lingerie Sets

Our classic vintage lingerie sets are inspired by the glamorous golden age of Hollywood. This is the kind of lingerie you can imagine Marilyn Monroe wearing while running errands in Hollywood or sashaying to Schwab's Pharmacy in during her pre-starlet days. Just like lingerie of the 1950s, our lingerie is extremely durable and uses a limited colour palate so it's easy to mix and match between ranges. All of our peach and black lingerie (with the exception of Liz) uses the same colour fabrics and trims so you can add a new piece to your collection confident that it co-ordinate perfectly with other items you already own.

The 1950s Bullet Bra

The most iconic bra shape of the 1950s was the conical Bullet Bra, and the Bullet Bra just so happens to be the piece we're most famous for. Although bras in the 1940s were quite conical when compared with bras of today, it wasn't until the 1950s that the Bullet Bra really took off. The pointy cups push your breasts outwards, so if you measure your bust when wearing a Bullet Bra you'll find it will probably be larger than when wearing a modern push up bra. Remember, the 1950s was pre breast-augmentation so a bullet bra was a instant way of enhancing the bust. For women with smaller busts there were either Padded Bullet Bras, or Bullet Bra Pads (otherwise known as 'falsies') which enabled all pin ups to get an enviable 'sweater girl' silhouette.

The Must Have Garter Belt

Garter Belts became popular in the 1950s, as a lightweight alternative to a Girdle: although, it has to be said that women who didn't wear a girdle (like Marilyn Monroe) tended to be looked on as a little loose! Our 6 Strap Garter Belts tend to be quite wide, just like they would have been in the 1950s, so give a very smooth line under clothing. Unlike Garter Belts of the 1950s which generally had 4 straps, our belts mostly feature 6 straps which do help in keeping your seams straight. All of our Garter Belts have strong metal clip and adusters to ensure that your stockings stay exactly where you want them!

Seductive Shapewear

The majority of women in the 1950s wore some kind of shapewear on a daily basis. Our range of shapewear borrows heavily from the expertise of 1950s corsetieres who knew every trick in how to maximise female curves. Our shapewear arsenal includes Waspies to cinch your waist, Girdles to smooth your hips, Merry Widows for strapless bust support and waist cinching, plus our best selling Glamour Corselette which smooths out every unwanted lump and bump. I've mentioned before that Marilyn Monroe was not a fan of corsetry, however the rest of the female case of 'My Week With Marilyn' were cinched into our Glamour Shapewear to give them authentic 1950s figures for the movie. ('Marilyn' herself, played by Michelle Williams, just stuck with our Harlow Bullet Bra).

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Liz Lingerie

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Maitresse Lingerie

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Glamour Shapewear

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Harlow Lingerie

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Vintage Loungewear

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1950s Swimwear

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