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Site Map

Product pages

Classic Lingerie

Vintage Accessories

4 Detachable Garters A2007

6 Detachable Garters A2008

Comments (3)

A2016 Long Sheer Gloves

Comments (5)

Bullet Bra Pads A1077

Comments (11)

Gloves Long Satin A2017

Comments (2)

Gloves Long Colourful A2018

Comments (1)

Stocking Storage Bag ST02

Comments (4)

Sparklelux Round Peach Earrings SP01

Sparklelux Lucite Corrugated Peach Earrings SP02

Bardot Lingerie

Bra Bardot Lilac L6067

Garter Belt Lilac Bardot L2127

Panties Lilac Bardot L2128

Panties Showgirl Lilac Bardot L2129

Comments (2)

Bardot Bra Blue L6069

Garter Belt Blue Bardot L2127

Panties Blue Bardot L2133

Panties Showgirl Blue Bardot L2134

Coco Lingerie

L6094 Coco Cathedral Bra

Comments (11)

L2055 Coco Garter Belt

Comments (3)

L2058 Coco Panties

Comments (6)

Gift Certificates

Glamour Shapewear

L3017 Glamour Zip Underbust Girdle

Comments (10)

Waist Cincher Glamour L3018

Comments (18)

Girdle Open Bottom Glamour L3019

Comments (1)

Bra Glamour Nouveau L6034

Comments (5)

Corselette Glamour Nouveau L3021

Comments (7)

Waspie Glamour Nouveau L3034

Comments (9)

Merry Widow Glamour Nouveau L3035

Comments (3)

Gwendoline Lingerie

Lace Panties Gwendoline L2080

Garter Belt Lace Gwendoline L6074

Cone Bra Gwendoline L6014

Comments (3)

Panty Girdle Gwendoline L6058

Comments (6)

Harlow Lingerie

Harlow Bullet Bra L6027

Comments (20)

Harlow Deep Garter Belt L2017

Comments (20)

L2063 Harlow Panties

Comments (16)

Joan Lingerie

Bra Balconette Lace Joan L6066

Panties Showgirl Lace Joan L2124

Comments (2)

Panties Lace 60s Joan L2125

Garter Belt Lace 6 Strap Joan L2126

Kaftan Lace Joan L8012

Liz Lingerie

L6016 Liz Bra

Comments (8)

L2082 Liz Panties

Comments (4)

Garter Panties Liz L2083

Comments (4)

L2094 Liz 6 Strap Garter Belt

Maitresse Lingerie

Bullet Bra Maitresse L6001

Comments (33)

L3010 Maitresse Girdlette

Comments (10)

Thong Black Satin Maitresse L2095

Garter Belt 6 Strap Maitresse Nouveau L2120

Panties Vintage Maitresse Nouveau L2121

Comments (1)

Panties Little Maitresse Nouveau L2123

Garter Belt Narrow Maitresse Nouveau L2122

Comments (2)

Bullet Bra Maitresse Nouveau L6070

Girdlette Maitresse Nouveau L3023

Bullet Bra Maitresse Curve L6072

Margaret Lingerie

Bra Leopard Margaret L6068

Garter Belt 6 Strap Margaret L2030

Panty Bikini Margaret L2131

Marlene Lingerie

L6093 Marlene Bullet Bra

Comments (5)

L2054 Marlene Garter Belt

Comments (3)

L2056 Marlene Panties

Comments (2)

L3022 Marlene Girdle

Comments (3)

L6095 Marlene Bullet Bra

Comments (8)

L6056 Marlene Garter Belt

Comments (1)

L3033 Marlene Girdle

Comments (6)

Panties High Waist Marlene L2059

Comments (1)

L2062 Marlene Panties

Comments (1)

Retro Lingerie

L6035 Padded Bullet Bra

Comments (16)

L6036 CCO9 Bra

Comments (12)

L2019 CC09 Tap Panties

Comments (20)

Panties Satin Kate L2049

Comments (9)

L6037 Cone Bra

Comments (31)

L6101 Kate Longline Cone Bra

Comments (2)

L2077 Kate Panty Girdle

Comments (4)

Girdle Firm Control Dixie L3020

Comments (2)

Summer Sale

L6030 Glamour Underwired Bra

Comments (12)

L6096 Cabaret bra

Comments (16)

L6075 Valerie Garter Belt

Comments (2)

L2084 Satine High Waisted Panties

Comments (3)

L6077 Satine 4 Strap Garter Belt

Comments (3)

L6076 Satine 6 Strap Garter Belt

Comments (6)

L2078 Satine 8 Strap Garter Belt

Comments (5)

Swimsuit 1950s Sarong L7020

Comments (3)

Bikini 1950s Sarong L7021

Comments (1)

L2089 Vivien Garter Belt

Sale Cherry Blossom Laurie Corset

Cone bra Carole L6024

Comments (3)

Lace Bra Gene L6025

Bra Leopard Lace Diana L6031

Comments (1)

Garter Panties Diana L2100

Thong Leopard Diana L2101

Green Bra Liz L6028

Comments (3)

Garter Belt 6 Strap Green Liz L2104

Comments (1)

Panties Green Liz L2105

Comments (1)

Bra Gold Liz L6029

Panties Gold Liz L2106

Garter Belt 6 Strap Gold Liz L2107

Bra Lavender Liz L6032

Garter Belt 6 Strap Lavender L2108

Panties Lavender Liz L2109

Bra Cone Raspberry Liz L6033

Suspender Belt 6 Strap Raspberry Liz L2111

Panties High Waist Raspberry Liz L2100

Sale Bullet Bra Maitresse White



L8003 Hollywood Robe

Comments (6)

L8004 Hollywood Romper

Comments (4)

Hollywood Mules Satin LF14

Comments (1)

Hollywood Mules Lace LF14

Comments (2)

Negligee Gwendoline L8008

Comments (2)

Kaftan Dressing Gown Elizabeth Black L8009

Comments (1)

Kaftan Dressing Gown Elizabeth Grey L8010

Comments (3)

Pyjamas 1930s Lounging L8011

Comments (2)

Vintage Corsets

Overbust Corsets

L4016 Sophia Corset

Comments (5)

L6052 Laurie Corset

Comments (8)

L6065 Antoinette Corset

Comments (3)

Lalique Velvet Laurie Corset L4085

Comments (1)

L4085 Storm Corset

Comments (6)

L4091 Antoinette Extreme Corset

Comments (1)

L4094 Union Flag Corset

L4095 Stars and Stripes Corset

Underbust Corsets

L4011 Gina Corset

Comments (7)

L6051 Morticia Corset

Comments (26)

Corset Waspie Baby L4001

Comments (10)

L4071 Mae Corset

Comments (13)

Lalique Velvet Morticia Corset L4084

L4018 Vamp Underbust Corset

Comments (19)

L4020 Velvet Vamp Corset

L4022 Cotton Vamp Corset

Comments (1)

Corset Lily L2046

Comments (3)

Corset Underbust Elsa L2050

Comments (3)

Corset Underbust Riding L2052

L'Orient Steel Boned Corsets

L4102 Cherry Blossom Laurie Corset

H4103 Cherry Blossom Morticia Corset

Comments (1)

H4104 Japonesque Morticia Corset

L4019 Red Japonesque Vamp Corset

L2043 Red Japonesque Laurie Corset

Leather & PVC Corsets

L4050 Leather Gina Corset

L4051 Leather Sophia Corset

Comments (2)

L4098 Leather Laurie Corset

L4099 Contrast Leather Laurie Corset

L4100 Leather Morticia Corset

L4101 Leather Mae Corset

L4021 PVC Laurie Corset

Sheer Steel Boned Corsets

L4105 Semi Sheer Morticia Coset

L2044 Semi Sheer Lily Corset

L2048 Semi Sheer Elsa Corset

L4023 Semi Sheer Sophia Corset

Comments (1)

Corset Underbust Sheer Elsa L2053

Corset Sheer Riding L4024

Vintage Hosiery

Fishnet Hosiery

H1001 Seamed Fishnet Pantyhose

Comments (1)

H1005 Seamed Tulle Pantyhose

Comments (2)

H1002 Fishnet Seamed Stockings

Comments (8)

Fully Fashioned Stockings

Fully Fashioned Stockings Contrast Red Seam H2013

Comments (5)

Fully Fashioned Stockings Full Contrast Cuban Heel H2027

Comments (2)

Fully Fashioned Stockings Roma Heel H2031

Comments (2)

Fully Fashioned Stockings Empire Heel H2029

Comments (1)

H2033 Point Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings

Comments (6)

H2034 Cuban Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings

Comments (8)

Seam-free Nylons

H2030 Seamfree RHT Nylons

Comments (3)

Stockings RHT Full Contrast H2032

Comments (1)

Retro Seamed Pantyhose

H2007 Retro Seamed Pantyhose (15 denier)

Comments (6)

H2009 Retro Contrast Seamed Pantyhose (15 denier)

Comments (5)

H2024 Retro Metallic Seamed Pantyhose

H2023 Retro Seamed Dot Pantyhose

Comments (3)

Retro Opaque Lace Foot Pantyhose

Retro Seamed Stockings

Seamed Stockings Retro Coffee H2014

Comments (25)

Seamed Stockings Contrast Black Red H2006BR

Comments (36)

H2020 Retro Metallic Seamed Stockings

Comments (4)

H2027 Retro Opaque Lace Foot Stockings

Comments (6)

Seamed Stockings Green Glamour H2035

Comments (4)

Seamed Stockings Blue Glamour H2036

Comments (2)

Seamed Stockings Maroon Glamour H2037

Comments (2)

Seamed Stockings Retro Black H2014B

Seamed Stockings Contrast Black H2006B

Seamed Stockings Contrast Red H2006R

Seamed Stockings Contrast Pink H2006P

Seamed Stockings Contrast Coffee H2006C

Seamed Stockings Retro Champagne H2014C



What Katie Did Magazine Issue

Comments (16)

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