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Underbust Corsets

Cinch Your Waist With A steel Boned Corset

Designer Katie Thomas has been working with corsets since 1996, launching her first range of corsets for What Katie Did in 2003. At What Katie Did we understand that every woman's figure is unique and offer a range of underbust corset styles to suite different body shapes.

Measuring Yourself For A Corset

Our Corsets are sized by 'reduced waist size'. This means the size of the corset when fully closed. For example, a size 24" corset will measure 24" when fully closed. To determine your corset size you need to measure your waist and deduct a number of inches. Please note that your jean size is not your waist measurement! You need to measure the narrowest part of your torso which is a lot higher up. The amount of inches you take off will depend on a variety of factors, including the corset style, but is generally between 3 and 5 inches.

Please be aware that you need to check your measurements before ordering. For our Underbust Corsets we supply both the vertical lengths (waist to top, and waist to bottom) and circumference (around the rib and hip). Please compare your measurements to ours to determine which corset will be right for your figure type.

Factors Affecting Your Corset Size

Our corsets come in reduced waist sizes 18" to 34" which roughly equals US dress sizes 8 to 18. 

If you are a US dress size 4 you will have less body fat than if you are a US dress size 18, so it will be harder for you to immediately get a dramatic corseted shape. We recommend you stick with the sizing recommendations for each of our corsets, which can be seen by clicking the sizing tab at the top of each product description.

If you are a US dress size 8 to 10 you should be able to get a great corseted shape, without too much effort and without worrying too much about flub at the top and bottom of the corset. Again, you need to go by our sizing recommendations. The only thing that might cause you difficultly is if you are very athletic and have a high muscle to fat ratio. Then, like your more slender friends, you will find it harder to waist train as muscle is far less squishy than fat.

If you are between a US dress size 12 and 18, then you're in luck as fat is squishy and you'll be able to quickly tight lace yourself to create hourglass curves. If you are between a US dress size 12 and 18 you might want to go for a size smaller than stated (especially for our Vamp and Morticia Corsets), as it's common for curvier girls to be able to reduce their waist by 6 or even 7 inches with one of our curvier corsets! However, please check the rib and hip measurements of our corsets before doing this as if they are too small for you, they will result in what can only be called, rather unglamorously, flub.

Underbust Corsets For Waist Training

If you are looking for a waist training corset then you need to be looking at an underbust corset. Underbust corsets start just beneath the bust and finish at various points on the hip, so only cinch your mid-section. Generally it's far easier to get a dramatic hourglass shape with an underbust corset, plus they're easier to stealth under clothing, and allow your body to move more freely. While we don't recommend our corsets for 23/7 waist training, they are suitable for day training, where you wear your corset for between 8 and 12 hours a day.

I Can Close My Corset, Now What?

Congratulations! Now you can close your corset and wear it closed, comfortably, all day you need to decide what to do next. Are you happy with the shape your corset gives you? If so, you've reached your goal! If not, then you need to start thinking about your next, smaller, corset. 

But, hold on a minute. Say you've been wearing our Mae Corset in a size 26", it's now fully closed and fits your curves perfectly. Common sense would lead you to think you now need the same Mae Corset in a 24" - but this is wrong as although the new Mae will be 2" smaller on your waist, it will also be 2" smaller around your ribcage and hips which will make it too small at the top and bottom. In this case you need to go for one of our curvier Corsets which have more room in the ribcage and hip area. The obvious choice would be too choose our Extreme Mae Corset in a size 24", as this corset has the ribcage and hip measurement of our Mae in a 26" but has an extra 2" skimmed from the waist. 

Another option would be our Morticia or Vamp Corsets both of which allow more reduction to the waist, but leave room for your ribcage and hips. As always, check the measurements to work out if the style will be suitable for you.

Do I Need a Custom Corset?

You will need to look at investing in a custom corset if:

1. Your measurements do not match those of ready to wear corsets

2. You have been waist training for a while and now find that 'ready to wear' corsets don't offer the measurements you require

3. If you have been day training for a while and now plan to wear your corset for more than 16 hours per day

4. You have any medical condition that may be affected by wearing a ready to wear corset (ie, asymmetric hipbones)

Image of L2047 Powermesh Demi Corset Product

L2047 Powermesh Demi
Corset $170.00

Image of L2046 Lily Corset Product

L2046 Lily Corset

Image of L4018 Vamp Underbust Corset Product

L4018 Vamp Underbust
Corset $275.00

Image of L6051 Morticia Corset Product

L6051 Morticia Corset

Image of L4011 Gina Corset Product

L4011 Gina Corset

Image of L4077 Morticia Spoon Busk Corset Product

L4077 Morticia Spoon Busk
Corset $299.50

Image of L4092 Mae Extreme Corset Product

L4092 Mae Extreme Corset

Image of L4071 Mae Corset Product

L4071 Mae Corset

Image of L4001 Baby Corset Product

L4001 Baby Corset

Image of L2050 Elsa Corset Product

L2050 Elsa Corset


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