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L3009 Glamour Merry Widow


The Merry Widow is quintessential mid-50s shapewear. Unlike a corselette, which focuses on the hips and derriere, a Merry Widow works its magic on the upper torso; tightening, smoothing and uplifting.

It's essentially a low-backed strapless bra combined with a strict waist cincher; and the result is the perfect foundation for wearing under the tight-bodiced, full-skirted gowns that were extremely fashionable in the 1950s and early 60s.

If you've ever admired Mad Men's Betty Draper in her strapless evening frocks, this is for you!

* Tightens, smooths and uplifts your upper torso
* Satin cups, tummy panel and side accents with double layered powermesh
* Detachable shoulder straps, 6 adjustable metal garter clips and spiral steel boning
* Underwired, lightly padded cups with hook and eye fastening at back
* Made from satin 100% polyester, powermesh 88% polyamide 12% spandex

Our Glamour Merry Widow is sized by bra size.

Bra sizes roughly co-ordinate with the following dress sizes:
32" - WKD US dress size 6
34" - WKD US dress size 8
36" - WKD US dress size 10
38" - WKD US dress size 12

If your bra size does not match your body size you might like to experiment a little and delve into the mysterious world of bra cup grading.

A bra cup size 38B will be the same as a 36C, 34D, 32DD. Hence if you are normally a bra size 34D but a small dress size 10 you might want to try the 32DD corselette which will have the same cup size as a 34D, but will be smaller around the body.

This grading works across all bra sizes so:
Cup size 32G = 34DDD, 36DD, 38D, and so on.

Please allow 3 - 4 weeks, plus shipping time, for 'To Order' items

Pin Up Model Michelle Pitt Wears our Glamour Merry Widow in Pink Bow City Magazine. Shot by Lars Kommienezuspadt
What Katie Did\'s Merry Widow is featured in Dotty magazine.
What Katie Did lingerie\'s Merry Widow is worn by Sam Faiers on the front cover of The Daily Star.
What Katie Did\'s Vintage Merry Widow in Fault Magazine
Sam Faiers wears What Katie Did\'s Glamour Merry Widow for The Sun Newspaper
What Katie Did\'s Glamour Merry Widow worn by the Barbarella girls
What Katie Did\'s Glamour Merry Widow in GQ





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Gave this a try since I love the Glamour Corselette but this runs big. Doesn't do a thing for me -- added bulk rather than defined shape.

I love this merry widow, it can't be beat for wearing under wiggle dresses (I have slim hips, so don't really need anything that covers lower than this does) or full skirted dresses, or any kind of dresses! I love wearing it, it gives me a defined waist and a fantastic bust line. My only complaint is that every peach one I have tried to buy thus far has had a flaw, which is so frustrating as I desperately want this in peach! I am on my second black one, the first one I wore absolutely to death, and after putting on a little weight I needed to size up anyway, but wearing this merry widow, no-one seems to have notice my weight gain! A wonderful product, and one I will come back to in the future when I hope the quality of the peach ones matches that of the black ones!

The Glamour Merry Widow in Peach was a decadent purchase of mine, and I'm still sad that I had to return it! The garment itself is perfect- great fit according to the sizing; the hooks in back were easy enough to attach since it's a lower-backed garment. The satin fabric was amazing; the powermesh really sucked in my waist to a dainty hourglass, too! Between the attached adjustable, high quality suspenders and the detachable bra straps- I'd say this is the perfect piece for anyone looking for vintage shaping around their waist; who wears stockings; but who doesn't need their hips or bottom being squished like the Glamour Corselette may do.

The only reason I returned this Merry Widow is because I am exceptionally petite- as a grown woman, well under 5 feet tall. If you're super duper short- the boning that leads to the suspender straps might be too long for you (and alterations on a piece like this can be pricey). That boning was digging into the tops of my thighs as I sat down, and simply won't fit someone of my height. If you're of average height, however- you'll really want to give this Merry Widow a try! I doubt it could disappoint anyone over 5 feet tall :) Last but not least, a huge compliment to WKD's customer service for making this return as easy for me as possible- the WKD ladies truly do rock!

Well, first I should say that I love What Katie Did. This Merry Widow is gorgeous on, but there are some fit issues. (I have to admit I did refer to it earlier today as a torture device.) As other reviewers have noted, the boning at the bottom where it attaches to the garters can be a bit uncomfortable when sitting. I also found the boning along the bust digs into my underarm. I have to have it on the tightest setting or the cups protrude awkwardly away from my body, but on the tightest setting it feels like it bruising my rigs. The look is lovely--I wore it strapless under a sheer shirt--but the discomfort might deter me from reaching for it as often as I would like. For reference I am a 34B-25-37. As they have said, they now have the Lana merry widow, but the cups on that one are completely sheer so it doesn't work under sheer tops like this one does.

I too had the problem of the boning digging in. I stayed the night at a friend's house and would have felt awkward without a bra so I kept the merry widow on. Big mistake. I had scars from the boning digging in on my upper thighs (I'm 5 foot 5 inches and haven't had significant fit issues with any other WKD garments). If you have a short torso and plan to sit in this, I do not recommend it. :)
I purchased the Swiss Dot version (quite a while ago!). The lace was flawed (some sections had double the amount of dots if that makes sense) and there were some loose stitches at the waist band. I know it isn't this particular merry widow, but it is a testament to the quality. The garter elastic was crinkled on some sides and smooth on the other (they looked as if they were burned or over-stretched). I did not return it because I was a huge fan of WKD and was still new to buying online.

Hi Hannah! Sorry to hear the Glamour Merry Widow was too long and caused some irritation. We've introduced our new Lana Merry Widow as an alternative for those who are short-waisted, more petite, or would just prefer a garment that finishes higher up. Hannah WKD

I bought the Merry Widow to wear under a reproduction 1950s dress at a friend's wedding. I am very much in between bra sizes, so I visited the London boutique to ensure a proper fit and the staff were absolutely lovely, so helpful and knowledgeable. I did need assistance putting it on the first few times I wore it, but now it's loosened up a touch (and I have lost a small amount of weight since buying it), I can get it on and off on my own with no problems. It gives an absolutely wonderful silhouette under vintage/reproduction dresses, with just the right lift and nip in the right places.

My only problem is that if I sit down for an extended length of time, the part where the suspenders attach to the Merry Widow dig in to the tops of my thighs, but this is more because I have a short torso than for any other reason, so I am inclined to wear it to places I am less likely to sit down and it's plenty comfortable to spend a night dancing in.

I bought this in peach a few years ago to wear under a full skirted 50's style dress, and it did the job perfectly. Till your used to it, give yourself time to get in and out of it, I find doing up on the loosest hook with the hooks in front
Then shimmying it around easiest. Then you can just tighten the hooks of needed or ask someone else too.
I've worn this to lots of weddings and parties and it's comfortable to wear all day even in hot weather , and you feel fabulous. It does give you that very vintage 'bust shelf' as one reviewer mentioned, if you have a large bust, but I personally love this look and it suits the shape of many dresses etc. vintage or otherwise. My sister saw me getting into mine recently and said it was that fab I should just get married in that and a veil. Ha ha.

I received my Glamour Merry Widow today in peach. Shipping to Australia was amazingly quick - one week. And the Glamour Merry Widow ... ohhhhhhh my! Getting it on was a challenge - and believe me, I wasn't going to let the challenge go unanswered. I am 5'3" and 56kg, 36, 28, 37 - I am very short waisted, extremely broad across the back and a little overweight at the moment - for my frame. I bought the 34C. The garment is beautifully constructed. It screams quality - fabulous attention to detail. I wriggled into the middle setting (ok, masterclass of understatement) comfortably. Noticeable waist reduction and comfortable compression to give me that wonderful silhouette for my 50s dresses. It is a TINY tad long at the front - but my proportions are downright odd. Honestly? I'm nit-picking! True to size. I'm looking forward to being a little more experienced getting into this gorgeous garment so I can get into the smaller fitting. The lower back makes this garment very forgiving. One just isn't enough :-)Live Customer Service - outstanding. A fabulous experience from start to finish - and I have a stunning garment to enjoy for years to come. It doesn't get better than that!!

The effect of this on the line of my 50s inspired wedding dress was amazing It nips you in at the waist and does great things for the girls if you are under-endowed and post-child rearing as I am. It is the perfect wedding lingerie! Also a shout-out to the customer service- ordering from New Zealand I was anxious to get sizing etc right. I ordered a different size from normal on their recommendation and it fit perfectly. Super friendly people and prompt too.

The Merry Widow is amazing!! I bought the peach color for under my wedding dress. It is gorgeous to look at and amazing quality. My dressmaker asked where I had purchased it so she could recommend it to other clients of hers. It gives you an amazing figure and it is super comfortable. My dress is 50's inspired and the Merry Widow pulls the entire look together!!

Absolutely fabulous! I really appreciated the size consult before buying because I was worrying it would be too tight when in fact I can easily wear it on the middle hooks. Thanks again for such a gorgeous piece!

I absolutely love this piece of lingerie, it's so versatile and works well with the variety of tricky vintage dresses I have (it's so ideal for strapless dresses as well if you can't bear the thought of going braless) Also like all WKD suspender belts it has metal tabs which are perfect for keeping stockings in place all day and night. So comfortable too! x

Well, i'm having to send mine back because it doesnt fit in the bust (i'm very hard to fit in the bust anyhow so i had originally hesitated, should have hesitated a little more lol). And on top of that, not being used to a vintage shape, i did not like the bust shape this gives, letting the breasts kind of perch out there 10 meters in front of you but i'm sure that's a matter of taste and kind of like when you first get your hair cut, it's so different you dont like it at first.
BUT, i just have to say 1. customer service is irreproachable, professional, helpful, friendly!
2. i cannot believe how comfortable the bodice on this is! ive never worn any shaping undergarments and was worried i wouldnt be able to stand it (i'm one who cant stand my bra by the end of the day) but this pretty piece was super duper comfortable. i had a little troule bending over to fix the straps but only because the bra part fit me so poorly.
and 3. My waist looked tiny in this which is a huge plus, and all the bulges and rolls i was wantig to smooth out were effectively smoothed out.
I'm sending this back and going for a glamour waist cincher instead to avoid the bust area problems. I cant wait to get it as i now know that the quality and efficiency and beauty of the WKD lingerie is what it's all cracked up to be.

I hope the Cincher suits you Claire and then you can pair it with a more suitably modern bra! - Aimee

I love my merry widow, it's my go to item for any retro dance I go to. It give me a gorgeous vintage silhouette without the restriction of movement a corset would have, while giving loses is support and keeping everything in place. The itty bitty waist it gives me just makes me love it even more.

I wore this in peach for my wedding! It was by far the best thing I could have done dress wise. It held up my large bust without hurting my back or making me slouch, it breathed amazingly well in the 100 degree heat of Texas and it looks super sexy :). The straps are strong for the stockings and adjust amazingly well. I would highly recommend this for everyone. Also, when I got pregnant and had to stop wearing my corset for work (Civil War tour guide) I accommodated my growing belly really well!

I bought this a year or so ago, to wear under 50's style frocks, it gives you the perfect 50's silhouette and surprisingly comfortable to wear all day, and has the best suspenders. Never have to fiddle with them like other ones, stay in place all day. Love it that much I also got the corsellette in black for under wiggle dresses etc. and I love that too.

I wore this under my wedding dress it was perfect it gave me that classic 50's shape.

Oh wow. Cant even begin to say how much I love my Merry Widow. It gives me a killer silhouette under dresses and just under a plain bluse and a pencil skirt. I feel like Greta Garbo or Marilyn Monroe! I dont have an hourglass shape, more a square upper body with large ribs, but this gives me a really defined waist. I bet it looks even better on the lucky ladies out there who allready have a defined waist! Love it, just love it!

Wonderfull under strapless dresses.Compliments an elegant evening dress , you will feel and look good outside and underneath. Good for any fitted dress such as a wedding dress. Can be used as a base for a more risque outfit , add, fishnets , feathers etc and you hae a show girl outfit .The only bad side is it may need a bit of a wiggling to get in to.

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